Rate Ed Soares Translations to Anderson Silva's UFC 112 Post Fight PC - Includes Anderson's Answers Word per Word

Many people have wondered how Ed Soares fares in the translations from his fighters. Here is the complete transcript for Anderson Silva’s portion of the Post Fight Press Conference for UFC 112 for those who are interested. Make sure to take the poll if you read through this!


Q: Anderson, can you explain your actions tonight again, we're in the same situation we were before. do you think that people that paid a thousand dollars got their money's worth from what you did?

Silva + Ed: what do you think?

Silva: you don't think so? ok, unfortunately I'm not here to please everyone, I am here to do my work and my work was well executed. I got here respecting everyone, I fight respecting everyone, and Demian disrespected me. Not as a professional, but as an athlete of martial arts. I take these things seriously, I take these things very, very seriously. I didn't get here [to where I am today] by chance. He came to do his work and I came to do mine. I did what I trained to do; to beat Demian.

Ed Translates: he says well, unfortunately not every fight turns out the way everyone would like, I came here well trained but Demian disrespected me, not as a person, but he disrespected me as a fighter, and I take that very seriously and I came to do my job, and that was to beat him up and punish him and that's exactly what I did. Unfortunately it didn't turn out and everyone wasn't pleased, but that's what I came here to do is punish him.
Q: what did he do to disrespect you?

Silva: look... we're here to promote the venue, we have to promote our venue, it's the best in the world without a doubt, we have the best fighters in the world. But everything needs to be done with caution, specially Brazilians against Brazilians. Because where we come from... I don't know what school he's from, but the school that I'm from, I learned to respect all of my opponents, and I didn't come here disrespecting anyone. Anytime someone that I face disrespects me, due to my superiority as a black belt in martial arts, this will be the result. Unfortunately some people liked it, others didn't, but he paid for the BS he talked.

Ed Translates: Basically he said; I'm not too sure what school Demian came from, but this is kind of a... hum... I sent a message because I think he disrespected me morally by the things that he said, and hum.. you know, this is just a message that if anybody disrespects me morally, 'cause I'm a black belt and I never step into the ring and disrespected anyone verbally before the fight or said things that he said. so, like I said, my focus was to go in there and beat him up and punish him and unfortunately some people didn't like the fight and some people did. but, it wasn't the way the most people liked us.
Q: In the beginning of the fight, your antics were very funny, it got to the point that it was hilarious to watch. At what point did it maybe go over the line a little bit where it ceased being funny and was time to get down to business, maybe you were having too much fun. Did you notice a point where the crowd changed from laughing to maybe getting a little agitated?

---Dana White: I don't think this is a comedy show, that's not what we put on. we're not here to put on a fucking comedy show---

Silva: I think a fight is really that, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. sometimes we please the fans, sometimes we don't. When a fight involves a fighter such as Demian, who is very dangerous on the ground, like other athletes that I have fought within a BJJ base, who are very dangerous on the ground, there needs to be caution. Demian's BJJ is the best in the UFC, aside from Big Nog. So I impose my game and rhythm and made my game. A fight is a fight, certain times in the fight he was better, certain times in the fight I was better, I was able to execute my strategy, and the result was that what we saw.

Ed Translates: hum.. That was a long one for me to remember everything, so... but basically, he... in a nutshell what he was saying is that he came in with his strategy, Demian came in with his strategy, there were something that surprised him that Demian did and he applied his strategy. and he went in there to do what he did. the fight didn't finish the way most people liked, and, hum, you know, that was it.
Q: For those who don't know, what did Demian Maia say that you believe was disrespectful?

Silva: It started with little things here and there. For example, I was never disrespectful with an opponent since I came here. My first fight here was against Chris Leben. And I have never disrespected any opponent, since I began training martial arts. and it started with his statements that "shit, Spider has four legs and I will take one of them". Or "shit, if it hits the floor I'll get him". I do this for many years, sure, some people could say "sure, he can say whatever he wants... bla bla bla". But I didn't like it and I don't like that [type of talk].

Ed Translates: He said; since the minute I stepped into the octagon, the minute I started fighting and training martial arts I never disrespected any of my opponents. First time here when I fought Chris Leben I never disrespected him. Some of the things that he said, he said the thing about "the eight legs, and I'm going to take one of the arms with me, as Spider. And then he also said that "if he falls on the ground I'm going to take his arm and take his leg" and, you know, people have the right to say what he has to say and, it was just a lot deeper than that and I just felt that morally, you know, I felt disrespected.
Q: You said your opponent made some remarks against you. You had the chance to take him out in the first and second rounds, but the way you performed today, don't you think you owe an apology to the spectators because, <<<sorry, couldn't make out what he said here>>>. So, do you think you owe an apology to the spectators and to the viewers who watch this fight, or you think you're justified by the way you performed today?

Silva: I think all the fans that came here came to see good fights, and there were good and bad fights. I don't think I owe an apology, no. I think I executed my job well. I came to do exactly that what I trained and what I trained was what I did... win the fight.

Ed Translates: sometimes fights don't turn out the way people would like them to, I said that before. But, you know, I don't think I owe anybody an apology right now. And, you know, sometimes fights turns out good, sometimes fights turns out bad... you know...
Q: When you say you wanted to punish Demian, are you referring that you could have finished him but you didn't? And as a follow up, if you couldn't finish him, why not?

Silva: To be honest my goal was not to hurt anyone, I'm not here to hurt Demian or any other opponent. My goal is get in there and execute my job well. To fight and make my opponent feel vulnerable to my strikes and everything that I trained for. It's what I've always done and it's what I will continue to do, training the same way, I think that some fights will end in a KO, some won't. And I just did what I had to do. I showed why I came and why I'm here.

Ed Translates: My goal in the fight was to finish the fight if I had the opportunity, but my main goal was to make my opponent feel vulnerable to anything that I did. And I felt that that was accomplished, but like I said, sometimes I didn't have that opportunity to finish the fight. I never come in to hurt anybody but I wanted to come in and make a point.
Q: The thing I don't understand is that if you're saying you're angry at him, and you're fighting him, why won't you throw punches at him instead of circling around, and you know, banging the canvas, if you're mad at him and you think he disrespected you, why don't you fight him and throw punches and kicks at him?

Silva: I did what I had to do, I am not here to make any type of excuses for anything nor to ask forgiveness for anything. I did what I had to do. My job was well executed. My mission was given, my mission was accomplished.

Ed Translates: the way I feel, my mission was completed, I came in and dominated the fight and, hum, did what I had to do... hum, you know, that's how I feel.
Q: When you came to the ring, you were the crowd favorite, everybody was roaring; "Anderson Silva". Half way through the fight they were cheering; "GSP", who was not in the octagon. How does that make you feel, and do you think you have anything to say to your fans after this?

Silva: I have to thank them all, they are the critics, and they can say what they want. I'm going to keep training and looking to improve, and I don't have much to say. They're used to seeing things that sometimes we are unable to accomplish, which is always the knock out. Sometimes we can, sometimes we can't. Sometimes it may appear to the public that [a certain fight] is easy for us inside the octagon, because the opponent took a shot or two, but for us who are fighting, for us who trains this every day, we know the risks. Maybe sometimes make a mistake going inside their area, ending up going "in" in the wrong strike from the opponent. So I did my job and I think it was well executed. actually I don't think, I am certain that it was well executed.

Ed Translates: well, you know, hum, I went in there to do a job, and hum, you know, sometimes fans aren't always happy with the way you fight. I went in there and, like I said, I felt I dominated the fight and, that's how I feel.
Question for Ed:  Ed, as Anderson's manager, how do you feel, that... What's your opinion about Anderson having to face these types of questions, yet again, at a second fight. In your opinion, how does it make you feel about your client?

---Anderson shakes his head and takes a breath, drinks water... did he understand the question?---

Ed Answers: Well, you know, it's just part of the business. he went out there and put on a performance that people didn't like, hum, it's what the kind of questions that we would expect to hear.
Q: Your last five fights, three have been at MW and two at LHW, the fights at LHW, fans were loving you, the three fights at MW; sort of the same questions. Do you still feel challenged at 185?

Silva: no, I think so, there are many formidable adversaries at this weight class. But an athlete from a BJJ base, he's not a brawler, he doesn't come to exchange, he comes in to take me down. My strategy was to keep the fight standing and his strategy was to take the fight to the ground. at a certain time in the fight he noticed that he'd not be able to accomplish that and started exchanging. The fight was ending and I kept my strategy. I hit him and escaped, until the end of the round and the end of the fight and I continued to be champion.

Ed Translates: Demian is a BJJ fighter and he came in trying to take me to the ground. I'm a stand up fighter and I wanted to keep my fight standing up. Half way through the fight is when he realized that he wasn't going to be able to take me down. And I just stuck with my strategy in hitting him and hitting him, and moving away to not get hit.

Keep in mind that Anderson talks a lot and Ed has to do this on the spot.

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