How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the Last Week of March


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"I changed my twitter name!! Make a note of it! Time for War Machine to get his life on track! No more TROUBLE! No more PORN! I'm gonna train hard, win my fights and get back into the UFC! By November my partners and I will be opening our own gym in Washington State! I'm gonna get married in June. Start living a good life. Too much BS in the last few years. I am making a HUGE change. Life's too short to spend it being a fuck up. Watch and see, new WM is a coming!"  -War Machine, changed his name from WarMachineXXX to WarMachine170, marking his first step to setting things right this time around.

"glad to hear all that bro. Goodluck with the new gym,wifey, and upcoming fights homie. :)"  -Ben Saunders

"Just had a great workout with my buddy. Now watching a movie and relaxing. Training in the morning. Excited to start my new life."  -War Machine, good to hear. I hope it lasts.

"So it looks like I'm gonna be fighting in the UK May 15th in BAMMA 3!!! I'll let you know when it's signed in ink! Can't wait!!! ...Before that I'll be fighting April 17th in Atlanta too! Ready to start racking up W's!!!"  -War Machine

"Pasco, Washington better get fired up! Undisputed Gym coming to you by end of year! 2 Navy SEALs a UFC fighter and a BJJ blackbelt. Gonna be the sickest gym around! BJJ, MMA, Muy Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Cross Fit, kids classes EVERYTHING! Stay tuned for more details!"  -War Machine


"@spilledbagofice are you traveling to Charlotte with Rony Torres' corner or has he changed ice bag camps since 109?"  -UFC

"Somebody asked me if my cell was going to work in abu dahbi because I'll be there for two weeks.......At what point do I give them the real talk? If my phone did work I'm not gonna be talkin to you about cookies n apple juice for 4$ per min"  -Phil Davis

"and FABRICIO CAMOES OVERTAKES JUSTIN BIEBER/BEIBER AS A TRENDING TOPIC!! this is victory!!"  -UFC, biggest twitter accomplishment in history.

"Tell me why someone Called me at 5:33 am to Do an interview #youluckyilovejesus"  -Phil Davis, I like that hashtag. Better than all the Justin Beaver trending topics.

"Twai-ku... met her on a whim/ I wish the fun never ended/ Now I want real love."  -Mayhem Miller, oh damn, Mayhem invented a better twitter word..

"Oh look, Antonio is on the phone... He's talking to his mother. He just asked..."are y'all still intimate" about her and her husband. #TMI ..."Sup Harry, I need to find my tool still gonna be workin when I'm 60?" -Antonio Mckee to his moms husband."  -Jason High, #TMI.

"dating/stocking 2010"  -Arianny Celeste, if you gals like cowboys, here's another reason to join twitter....




"When confronted with a lose lose situation, always go for the win. What's the worst that could happen?"  -Miguel Torres

"Your damned if you do and damned if you don't. Just tell God you were framed."  -Miguel Torres

"UFC tomorrow. If you don't like my play by play, stay off of twitter. I'm gonna be on that like a fat kid on cake."  -Miguel Torres

"Me and mamas"  -Miguel Torres


"@OGochoCinco I'll whoop like its my birthday."  -Miguel Torres


"The last thing u see before you eat white castle."  -Miguel Torres, fans better head to white castle then.




"My UFC 111 recap! Check it out"  -Shane Carwin, the athletic commission did a good job again, as Carwin almost got Alves'ed. good thing everything was fine with Shane's health.

"After the fight "New Interim Heavyweight Champion"  -Shane Carwin


"This was not as nice as waking up next to my wife but its pretry nice"  -Shane Carwin, BROCKLESNAR is not impressed with your beer cans.


"This is what's going lil sissy! :)"  -Arianny Celeste, reveals why she missed UFC 111.


"This and watching GSP fight all in the same night? Somebody shoot us so we can die happy."  -UFC


"Great job tonight George!"  -Chandella Powell


"On our way to Charlotte NC. Goodbye New Jersey. Here with Rodney 
Wallace fight of the night!"  -Chandella Powell




"Antonio attempting to carry on 2 conversations at the same time. "  -Jason High

"The ears that make the world go round -- clapclapclap for guest tweeter @joelauzon"  -UFC


"Thinking about getting some Jordans. Which one should I get?"  -Rampage Jackson



"The MVP made by shuttle systems is gettin me right for the fight!! April 17th!!!"  -King Mo, did that at least come from the infomercial with the free perfect kitchen knife set?


"Me cracking up at @EllisMate with @GatorHotdogDog"  -Mayhem Miller


"A picture of my fresh ink compliments of @francovescovi from El Toro Ink House. My sons name in script writing"  -Razor Rob




"Anyone guess who this cool guy is hummm"  -Kurt Pellegrino, does the fighter pose


"Had to do it."  -Jason High, does the fighter pose, AND holds Gomi's hand. Advantage High.




"Best part of the night right here. Damn good pizza!"  -Rachelle Leah


"@chandellapowell and i gettn ready 4 the fights!!"  -Rachelle Leah


"@chandellapowell and i headed to NYC ready to kill it!"  -Rachelle Leah


"Rachelle's Back! Rachelle Leah and I before the UFC 111 weigh-ins"  -Chandella Powell, now if only they bring back Logan and permanently keep Rachelle...




"Ok gimme one good reason why I should tweet a ufc booty short pic??"  -Arianny Celeste

"Ok ok! U win! RT @chandellapowell: You should definetly post our booty pic!:) @ariannyceleste"  -Arianny Celeste, didn't take that much convincing huh? ;)

"Bootylicious @chandellapowell, and my lil one :)"  -Arianny Celeste


this is not a tweet, but Natasha Wicks has a new background image in twitter. Hellow!




"This nice lady gave me some stunner shades.. U c me with that cincinnati orange on." -Kimbo Slice


"Chess or pool. I gotcha .."  -Kimbo Slice, I would've like to see a twitpic of him playing chess instead.


"Gettin our grub and headin home ..."  -Kimbo Slice

"RT @KimboSlice001: @titoortiz im calling you out! -- You can't even hold my BALLS!!!! ...As I said he can't even hold my BALLS!"  -Tito Ortiz, wasting his time talking trash towards a fake Kimbo Slice account. The real Kimbo was too busy getting grub and playing pool to care.



"I don't use any illegal drugs or illegal bats and will challenge anyone to a hr hitting competition come to los angeles... I am serious email me let's do it"  -Jose Canseco, do they have to pay $1000 here too?

"kick ur ass"  -Jose Canseco


"Don't be jealous haters just cause ur wifes and girlfriends r masterbating to my picture"  -Jose Canseco, seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY?




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