WKR's Bellator Tournament Challenge: Win Swag!


Watch Kalib Run is proud to announce a Bellator Season 2 Tournament Challenge offering the chance to win official Bellator Fighting Championship Apparel.  With the NCAA Tournament nearing its end and MMA tournaments almost extinct in the United States, WKR is extremely excited for Bellator's season 2 to begin and we want to create a tournament challenge for all our readers. 

WKR, with the help of Bellator, will offer prizes to the overall top 3 point leaders and the top 2 point leaders for each respective weight class.  This way even if you suck at three of the divisions you can still win prizes.  Overall we will be handing out prizes to 11 contestants. 

Watch Kalib Run would like to thank Bellator Fighting Championships for providing us with the prizes and making this tournament possible.  WKR will be submitting their own picks, but cannot win the prizes (that rule sucks).  Really it is just a way for you to prove you are smarter than us.

Rules for the tournament are after the jump:

SBN coverage of Bellator FC, Season Two - Week 1

The WKR/Bellator Season 2 Tournament Challenge will take a similar form to that of a confidence pool.  Contestants will predict the winner of each fight and allocate a certain amount of points to each fight.  If you predict the fight correctly then you earn that amount of points. 

Each participant must use a total of 10 points for each weight class each round and they must assign at least one point for every fight.  So, you must make a prediction on each fight.  In total, there will be a possible 40 points each round of the tournament. Example provided at the bottom.

Participants will submit their picks in-between the completion of one round and the start of another.  So, all participants will submit a total of three predictions.  One set before the first round, one before the semifinals, and one before the finals.  It can be compared to making your predictions for each week of an NFL season, except there are only three weeks. 

Remember that Season 2 begins April 8 and live events can be watched on Fox Sports Net with highlight shows airing on NBC on Saturdays.

Also, first round match ups have been announced (listed below) for Featherweight, Lightweight, and Welterweight, but not yet Middleweight.  You can submit your picks for the first three now if you like, but remember to submit middleweight picks once fights are announced (must make notice that other picks are already submitted).

Send predictions to and the subject line MUST read WKR/Bellator Tournament Picks (simply copy and paste this into subject line).

Sample of what your picks should look like is listed below:


Warren-6 points (or Joe Warren def. Eric Marriot-6 points)

Quach-1 point (or Bao Quach def. Georgi Karakhanyan-1 point)

Reis-2 points (or Wilson Reis def. Shad Lierley-2 points)

Romero-1 points (or William Romero def. Patricio Freire-1 point)

*Then repeat for Lightweight, Welterweight, and Middleweight Division.  Also, these are not necessarily my picks or point totals, just an example.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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