Filipino MMA - URCC XVI: "Reckoning" Recap and Results

A few hours before UFC 111 started, the Philippines' biggest mixed martial arts event of the year was held in the A-Venue Events Hall, in Makati. was on site to cover URCC XVI: "Reckoning", which was headlined by the country's top MMA fighter, Eduard "Landslide" Folayang as he went back up in weight to defend his welterweight title against NEO Fight Korea's Dooje Chung

Even before the bout started, Chung, the visibly larger fighter, already displayed his athleticism, as he entered the ring by doing a fancy flip over the ropes that would've made his former Olympic gymnastics coach proud. There weren't any feeling out period between the two. Things opened up quickly, and the pace never slowed down, leaving fans at the edge of their seats throughout the fight.

Chung gave it everything, throwing a flying knee right off the bat, launching several hard shots, and engaging into dangerous fire fights, but Folayang still got the better of the exchanges. He dropped his opponent twice, and finished off with vicious ground and pound in the first. The several time Wushu medalist kept his welterweight title and his perfect URCC record in tact, but it wasn't with out a brief scare. In the middle of the opening period, Folayang was standing over Chung's guard, and throwing huge shots to the delight of the hometown crowd, but that's until the Korean landed a well-timed upkick which staggered the Filipino. Seeing that he hurt his opponent, Chung went after him throwing huge punches of his own, but Folayang recovered quickly and landed a huge hook that dropped him again. The "Landslide" followed him to the ground, and that was the beginning of the end.

In the co-main event of the evening, fan favorite and former URCC flyweight champion, Richard "The Dancing Devil" Lasprilla came back from a self-imposed hiatus to dominate Angelo Estanol en route to a unanimous decision victory. Estanol had his moments, landing some hard shots on a few exchanges that left the former champ bloody and bruised. For the most part though, it was Lasprilla who was pushing the pace, deciding where the fight takes place, and was doing the most damage. He was effective standing and on the clinch, landing hard knees and punches as he pressed Estanol up on the corner, but he was even more in control when things went to the ground. The DEFTAC jiujitsu fighter got into several dominant positions for majority of the 20 min bout, and although, Estanol got a reversal and landed a few shots towards the last ten seconds, it was too little to late, and Richard Lasprilla was victorious in his URCC return. 

The bout that surprisingly got the most attention from the fans, was the lightweight title bout between Angelito 'The Saint' Manguray, an undefeated, 42-year-old, karate blackbelt, and Badong Domasian, a former pro boxer, who's 15 years his junior. Manguray fought with a wide karate stance, stayed elusive and destroyed Domasian by using a wide variety of kicks, knees, and punches that dropped his opponent several times in the bout. Every time Manguray floors Badong, he threw vicious axe kicks to the grounded opponent. Domasian curled up at one point after taking an axe kick to the stomach, and Manguray followed up by unleashing another hard kick to the body which would've made PRIDE fans nostalgic.

When asked asked about winning the URCC Lightweight Title on the post-fight interview, 'The Saint" stayed humble and said, "Fighting is my life... I just took my shot and I did well". A doctor by day, and a brutal karate-based fighter by night, Angelito Manguray, at 42-years-young, certainly stole that show that night.


Quick Hits and Full Results:

1. FW (139 lbs): Jason Estoro def. Roldan Cartajena via TKO at 2:57 of the 1st round. Estoro was getting the better in the clinch and landed several knees while stopping Cartajena's takedown attempts. The Elorde MMA fighter finished it with ground and pound.

2. BW (139 lbs): Reydon Romero def. Jessie Salvador via submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 5:20 of the 1st round. Romero was fighting with the unorthodox stance that is seen from some of the YawYan fighters. He gets taken down after a brief exchange, then scrambles and reverses when he attempted a triangle. Romero wounded up with the mount and after some ground and pound, Salvador gave up his back, and got choked out.

3. BW (139 lbs): Jessie Rafols def. Erwin Focad via submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:24 of the 2nd round. Erwin Focad, one of the youngest Lakay Wushu teammates of Eduard Folayang, tasted his first defeat as he got choked out in the second round. The match was a very entertaining match full of scrambles and reversals with Rafols getting the better of it. Focad was a very gritty fighter and despite being on the receiving end of a lot of hard shots, he didn't slow down, showed a lot of heart, and found ways to get escapes and reversals. He had a chance to pull off the submission in the end, but he got reversed, and Rafols sunk in the choke.

4. Pinweight (119 lbs): Alvin Ramirez def. Sonny Tubal via TKO at :21 secs of the 1st round. Ramirez, one of the youngest fighters in the card, produced the fastest finish in the event. As the bell rang, he immediately threw a body kick, and followed up with a head kick that dropped Tubal. A few more punches on the ground, and the ref was forced to stop it immediately.

5. BW (139 lbs): Charles de Tomas def. Jun Paciedad via submission (Kimura) at 1:21 of the 1st Round. De Tomas threw several hard body kicks as they stood for a while. He then got a takedown and immediately moved to side mount. He locked in a Kimura shortly after, and it was another quick finish.

6. LW (159 lbs): Angelito Manguray def. Badong Domasian by TKO at 6:19 in the 1st, to win the vacant URCC Lightweight Title, at 42 years of age.

7. HW (206 lbs ++): Igor Subora def. Nicholas Mann via TKO at 2:34 of the 1st round. A 6'3, 240 lbs Ukrainian born Sambo fighter, was too much, too big and too strong for the 207 lb Austrialian fighter in Nicholas Mann. Igor overcame an early striking advantage by Mann, by throwing a flurry of hard shots that overwhelmed his much smaller opponent. A light heavyweight bid would be probably be the logical step for Nicholas as he did show some potential.

8. Pinweight (119 lbs.): George "Pretty Boy" Lusadan def. Dindo Campo via submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:54 of the 1st round. Fresh of his victory in the headlining bout of URCC Baguio a month ago, George Lusadan dominated Dindo Campo en route to a first round submission victory. Campo came out agressive, and the Lakay Wushu member ducked under his looping hook and scored with a powerful takedown. Lusadan got mount shortly after and had a relaxed and controlled ground and pound attack. He controlled Campo's left arm and threw hard shots. After a lengthy stay on mount which saw 'Pretty Boy' batter his opponent, Campo gave up his back and lusadan sunk in the choke. Huge potential for another Lakay Wushu stand out.

9. Flyweight (129 lbs): Richard "The Dancing Devil" Lasprilla def. Angelo Estanol via Unanimous Decision. The crowd was chanting 'Richard' during a few moments in the fight.

10. Welterweight (169 lbs): Eduard "Landslide" Folayang def. Dooje Chung via TKO at 3:15 of the 1st round, to defend his URCC Welterweight Championship. 

Eduard Folayang vs Dooje Chung



Richard Lasprilla vs Angelo Estanol




These are just a few of the raw photos that I have. I will add a full image gallery in a separate post after I select and edit the best ones, so stay tuned for that. Photos taken by Jill Cruz.

UPDATE: the URCC 16 Photo Gallery can be found here.

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