Strikeforce Challengers VII: Johnson vs. Mahe - Live Results and Commentary

As with every major show, will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Strikeforce Challengers VII: Johnson vs. Mahe.  The live blog will start with the beginning of the Showtime broadcast (at 11:45 PM ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

As always we have our one rule: NO SPOILERS! In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

So again, join us for the show and share your thoughts as the event unfolds.

The broadcast is starting, first fight up shortly.

Justin Wilcox vs. Shamar Bailey - Round 1 - High kick from Wilcox lands and hurts Bailey who is bleeding.  The ref falls down as the fighters move around the cage.  Two lefts from Bailey land. Bailey keeps pawing at his forehead.  He is cut badly and it's bothering him.  Head kick by Wilcox lands. Wilcox is controlling this fight completely.  Left hand lands for Wilcox.  Their heads clash.  Right hand by Wilcox now.  The ref calls a time to let the doctors check the cut and it's going to be called off I would assume fiven how much bailey keeps pawing at his eye.  No, Bailey can see so they're going to continue.  Bailey can't get comfortable with the pressure of Wilcox.  Bailey with a left hand, and a knee to the body now.  Wilcox's speed and aggression is taking the round over completely now.  Bailey has to do something to avoid a 10-8 round here.  Wilcox shoots and Bailey defends the single leg but eats a right hand.  Left hand by Bailey.  Shot by Bailey and Wilcox sprawls.  The round ends and it was 10-9 Wilcox on my card.  Round 2-  Wilcox pouring on the strikes early.  Now Wilcox takes a poke to the eye so they're given a break for him to recover but the clock is still running for some reason.  Back to action now.  Wilcox landing a few more punches now.  Kick to the groin by Wilcox and the fight is stopped so Bailey can recover.  Head kick by Wilcox lands flush and Bailey eats it and keeps coming.  He's nothing if not tough.  Body kick by Wilcox.  Now a hard right hand lands flush.  Poke to the eye again and for at least the third time tonight the ref doesn't give Bailey a chance to recover and Wilcox opens up with a flurry of punches and gets a takedown.  10-9 Wilcox.  Round 3 - Bailey opening up more this round but it's Wilcox scoring the meaningful blows.  Bailey goes straight back far too much and he's getting popped every single time.  This fight isn't even close at this point.  Uppercut lands for Bailey.  Bailey lands a few more punches but Wilcox fires back and now gets a nice takedown into side control. Wilcox to full mount now.  Bailey is holding on to the body but isn't trying to sweep at all.  Wilcox landing short punches now.  Wilcox goes for an armbar but can't finish and the round ends.  10-9 Wilcox for the clean sweep on my card.  Official Scorecards: 30-26, 30-27, 30-27 all for Justin Wilcox. Justin Wilcox wins by unanimous decision.

Zoila Frausto vs. Miesha Tate - Round 1 - Tate pushing forward with control and Zoila wings wide hard punches that miss.  Tate shooting for the takedown and can't finish it but does push Zoila into the cage.  Now she finishes the single leg and is in side control away from the cage.  Tate looking to control an arm, landing a few punches.  Zoila turns and now Tate is standing over her landing a hard punch before getting right back to side control.  Tate to knee on belly and then Frausto gives up the back, but she's able to stand back up.  Tate lands a few nice straight punches inside the looping shots of Frausto and pushes for a body lock again.  Tate with another takedown into side control with 45 seconds remaining in the round. Tate lands a few punches and the round ends.  10-9 Tate.  Round 2 -Front kick by Frausto lands early and pushes Tate back.  Now Tate pushes her against the cage looking for a single leg and she gets it into side control again.  Tate working a choke because Frausto won't let go of her head.  It's a really simple choke counter to a headlock side control.  Frausto is really struggling with it.  Finally Frausto is able to get our of it.  Knee on belly by Tate now.  Tate working for an arm triangle and uses it to get to mount.  Tate with a VERY deep armbar and Frausto keeps fighting.  It's very deep and FINALLY Frausto taps out.  Miesha Tate wins by submission (armbar), round 2.

Andre Galvao vs. Luke Stewart - Round 1 - Uppercut lands for Stewart early but Galvao dives in and gets an easy takedown.  Stewart has full guard.  A few punches from bottom as Galvao creates space and lands a big shot.  Stewat tries for a leg lock and they roll and now Galvao is the one attacking the leg.  Stewart spins and they're back to standing.  Very good ground work from both guys and Stewart was able to survive the first time on the ground.  Galvao can't get the takedown now and Stewart lands a low kick and a few high and now gets a takedown of his own bu Galvao stands right back up.  Stewart with a few foot stomps.  Knee to the body by Galvao and the round ends.  Very competitive round but I'd go 10-9 Galvao.  Round 2 - Galvao with some straight punches and a leg kick.  Stewart pushes in with some good punches and presses Galvao to the cage.  Leg kick by Stewart.  Head kick attempt and Galvao lands a counter punch.  Same thing happens again.  Hook by Stewart lands and then a head kick.  Galvao shoots and Stewart defends.  Stewart tries for a knee and slips.  Galvao to the top and Stewart sweeps him beautifully.  Leg kick by Stewart now.  Stewart with a nice hand combination.  Right hand by Galvao lands.  Takedown by Galvao now into half guard.  Galvao tries to get to mount but can't quite get there.  Stewart sweeps him to get back on top.  10-9 round for Stewart to even the fight up.  Round 3 - Stewart using a variety of strikes and tries for a takedown but gets pushed into the cage.  Galvao with the takedown now.  Galvao standing over top landing a few punches and then dives back into the guard.  Galvao to side control and Stewart just uses a beautiful sweep to get on top.  They're back to standing now.  Stewart going for the single leg and eats a flurry of hammerfists.  Galvao with a takedown now and Stewart sweeps him again.  Back to standing and Galvao is looking for another takedown.  The judges are going to score that round for Galvao based on takedowns I'm sure, but Stewart controlled the grappling with the sweeps.  10-9 Stewart gives him a 29-28 win on my card but I figure the judges give it to Galvao.  Official Scorecards: 30-27 Stewart, 30-27 Galvao, 29-28 GalvaoAndre Galvao wins by split decision.

Abongo Humphrey vs. George Bush - Round 1 - They engage early and Humphrey with a few hard head kicks and now Bush with a takedown.  Humphrey creates space and gets back to his feet.  Low kicks by Bush are doing a good job of controlling timing.  Bush going for a takedown and Abongo has an arm in guillotine and Bush taps out!  Abongo Humphrey wins by submission (guillotine choke), round 1.

Lolohea Mahe vs. Lavar Johnson - Round 1 - Lavar jabbing early.  Mahe with a short hook that lands and now an overhand right that lands hard.  Johnson takes a poke to the eye and the action is stopped.  They resume and Johnson with a leg kick and now another overhand right by Mahe.  Right hand by Lavar.  Johnson working the jab and now Mahe charging in looking for a takedown.  Mahe really pushing forward and Johnson looking for an arm in guillotine but finally Johnson has to give it up and may have burned out his arms.  Mahe still trying for the takedown.  Mahe finally finishes it and is on top trying to pass.  Mahe landing some puncheswhile Johnson has butterfly guard.  Johnson trying to scramble and he gets to his feet and lands a knee to the body.  Takedown by Mahe again.  The round ends and it was 10-9 Mahe.  Round 2- Right by Johnson and a return by Mahe.  Johnson landing now and again Mahe charges in looking for a takedown and pushes Johnson into the cage.  Johnson avoids and they separate and Mahe is exhausted.  Johnson is landing hard now.  Mahe throwing bombs back. Big shot by Lavar.  Big punch from Mahe.  Body Shot by Johnson to the gassed Mahe.  Johnson is tired also .  Thai clinch knee by Johnson and now an uppercut by Mahe.  Takedown attempt by Mahe.  They're still trading shots.  This is sloppy as all hell but a ton of fun.  Big shots from Johnson and Mahe is stunned.  Johnson pouring it on and Mahe goes down.  The ref steps in and stops the fight.  Lavar Johnson wins by TKO (strikes), round 2.

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