How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of March


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"@MiguelTorresMMA would you be upset if i beat your ass and you are a professional fighter #justasking cause i will"  -Chad Ochocinco, may I suggest a better suited opponent?

"@OGOchoCinco, listen son, this aint dancing wit the stars. Whenever you want to get your ankles broke, hit me up. Talk is cheap, whenever u want I will make you kiss the baby. You think your a Bengal, come earn ur stripes."  -Miguel Torres

"you want me to fly to you and beat you up? that will cost you a double ass whooping!!!!"  -Chad Ochocinco

"have you ever kissed your own ass, cause I can make that happen. This shit aint tae bo. Child please."  -Miguel Torres

"i might be dancing with the stars but you gonna see stars you keep talking this crap!!!! – I’ll show you how to do the stanky leg son @ogochocinco"  ... -Miguel Torres

"@MiguelTorresMMA its on son!!!!"  -Chad Ochocinco

"It aint on yet @OGochocinco I’m a Mexi"can" your the Mexi"can’t". I aint changing my last name for nobody."  -Miguel Torres

"well this mexican’t lose to you"  -Chad Ochocinco

"@ogochocinco won’t be kissing babies, he’ll be eating knuckles. You’ll be eating my fist as well as you catch a football."  -Miguel Torres

4t3tw6_medium"i will deal with you tomorrow, going to bed, got a flight in 5 hours"  -Chad Ochocinco

"nite baby, I already put u to sleep and we aint even fought yet. Round 1, 10-9 @MiguelTorresMMA"  -Miguel Torres

"Playing in a charity poker event. Doing pretty damn good, but waiting for @OGochoCinco to get out of dance practice & start rnd 2... - Torres tko round 2. @OGochoCinco did not answer the bell."  -Miguel Torres

" - @migueltorresmma - keep talking this is what's gonna happen to you"  -Chad Ochocinco, This started as trash talk, but why is it turning into a photoshop battle?

"@OGochoCinco when your done dancing with the stars, I will make you see some when I put you to sleep."  -Miguel Torres


"@Verafied Regardless of words before the fight I have a tremendous amount of respect for you... My thoughts and prayers go out to you Brandon. I pray that you have a speedy recovery"  -Jon Jones, I'm not completely aboard the hype train, but it is really hard not to like the guy.

"@jonnybones no worries man good fight. Looks like I’ll be the one chasing you now!! Hope you all the best!"  -Brandon Vera

"Back home in Milwaukee. Healthy except for a broken hand. Disappointed, but Brilz and I had a good back & forth fight."  -Eric Schafer, gets added to the broken bones injury list.

"Love me or hate me, whatever, I did my JOB."  -Cheick Kongo

"That's for all my fans! best night of my career! damn I feel good!"  -Brendan Schaub, performance of his career, that didn't get to be televised. bummer.

"@PaulBuentello — warrior!"  -UFC


"Photos from last night's fights: Do not look too closely at Bang's ankle"  -UFC, I saved the best most gruesome for last.




"The shits gonna hit the fan real soon. Stay tooned"  -Jose Canseco, I don't want to be a cartoon... (PS: if this is a hint about fighting Hershcel....)

"Yo if u r gonna hate, don't follow. these tweets r 4 my peeps"  -Rampage Jackson, oh, but you can't reason with the interwebs.

"@Bosskthxbai go follow sherdogs twitter and get the f*ck off mine goofball"  -Dana White, tweets like a guy who frequents MMA forums.

"@mmafan1984 wonder why you are on my twitter? Go find something better to do with your time. Leave me the fuk alone... you can love the sport, ufc, etc and not follow me! Follow the fighters!!!! ...bro I could give a shit what you think. I like talking to fans. I'm in no mood for your goofy shit. Go to shitdog forum and cry... you not a fan you are a typical douche who gets on the net with a fake name and talk stupid shit. You sir can go f*ck yourself... take your brain somewhere else and get the f*ck off my twitter."  -Dana White, but wastes too much time feeding trolls.

"This is Jose's girlfriend and everyone should know that he is a DICK"  -Jose Canseco, oh beef!

"I need ideas on how to make my girlfriend not mad at me!"  -Jose Canseco, stop stalking Coker, stop calling out Hersche... oh. your girlfriend? I thought you were asking how to make MMA fans like you.

"PUSSY!! HAHAHAHAH! Brandon Vera BITCHED OUT!!!! ...Call the "WAH"mbulance!!!! ...It's a FIGHT. When you fight you get things broken..big deal! You DON'T QUIT that's weak! YOU don't know shit... You get paid ALOT of money to be the main event! His eye is broke big whoop. Heal later... NEVER tap or bitch out. Take my beating like a MAN... I got cut yes for having a BIG MOUTH not for sucking. Vera will get cut next. Yeah hes a good fighter but HE BITCHED OUT tonight... Who cares!? He's a fighter! When you fight you get broken eye sockets! OMG! Fag!"  -War Machine, needs a hug.

"Touching jennajameson's butt right now. It is so nice!!!!!"  -Tito Ortiz

"U know when u got a hot chick? When she is sitting on the toilet and still looks hot as hell."  -Tito Ortiz, too much information sir.



"I'm in Iowa picking up my truck from Kelderman air ride. Now i can ride tall or small!!"  -Rampage Jackson, don't drink and drive...and that includes energy drink diets.


"Almost pissed myself texting @mayhemmiller. A fan jumped out his car at a red light asking to shake my hand.Thought I was getting carjacked... Fans, don't do that shit to me cause I'm from the streets. I react to things differently than most people. -Rampage Jackson



"Brett Rogers in the gym today."  -Jason High

"Give me my black belt, I just tapped out @tikighosn. Hahaha... Just got done tapping fools out & teaching my jiu-jitsu coach English. I'm going to heaven!"  -Rampage Jackson


"With @tikighosn. Just had some killer sparing. Rashad bring a pillow!! You're going to sleep!!"  -Rampage Jackson


"Today’s practice was really good! @Rollesgracie is a phenominal teacher! I’m learning a lot!! ...Chuck Zito stopped in 2 practice 2day!! We had a great training 2day with @rollesgracie coaching!! ...Andre Gusmao was a great training partner 2day!!"  -Rashad Evans, sees your Tiki Ghosn, and raises you with a Gracie.



"Ninja, Wand and Shogun: reunited, and it looks so weird."  -Chris Nelson, has a new twitter account, follow him for all things regarding 3amMMA.


"Ryan Couture Training Camp"  -Randy Couture



"Guess who's also joining me tonight to the prom? @chandellapowell! ;) Conners gonna be soo fly! Haha we are getting ready for weigh ins now! ...Conner n I before the dance! I feel like I'm on mean girls!! Omg! ..."  -Arianny Celeste


"Ready for the Prom!"  -Chandella Powell


"Pic from last night. Classic!! :) RT@Chari_Monique,@AriannyCeleste,@chandellapowell,"  -Arianny Celeste, classic? I thought it just happened last night?




"Sorry but there will b NO octagon grl 3some this saturday w Chandella n Rachelle. I will be at my sisters quincenera! I requested it off!"  -Arianny Celeste, just shattered a lot of people's fantasies by not having the threesome.

"Great job tonight @clayguida we'll see you at your after party!"  -Chandella Powell


"Us dancing girls at Foundation Room! ;) @vegasgogo and myself... Happy St. Patrick's Day from me and Amanda Latona!"  -Natasha Wicks, if only Dana saw all these photos Natasha has been tweeting, maybe he'd get her back.



"Castings"  -Logan Stanton


"Casting Audition! Memorizing my lines :)"  -Natasha Wicks




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