The Week in Chael: January 31st - February 6th



"I'd rather have Anderson who's big and tall and those long legs that I can come out and run over than Vitor." - Chael Sonnen, on who he'd rather fight for the UFC middleweight championship after securing his title shot with a dominating victory over Nate Marquardt at UFC 109. (AOL)

"That guy’s no more the top fighter out there than Bigfoot is roaming the woods." - Sonnen (Yahoo)

"This guy is no more real than the Loch Ness Monster. And if he needs me to expose him then I will." - Sonnen

"Look, [Anderson Silva's] not my kind of a guy. This is a grown man that’s got earrings. This is a grown man who wears his hat sideways. This is a guy who wears pink T-shirts. This guy wouldn’t make it 12 minutes in my neighborhood." - Sonnen

"I live in a nice neighborhood and we’d still run him out." - Sonnen, running with a rough posse in suburban Oregon.

"That is an absolute myth, and all these guys can buy into it, but there’s a young man out in Portland, Oregon, that is not signing up on that bandwagon." - Sonnen.  That man is Greg "Dong" Oden. (MMA Weekly)

"If Anderson ever signed to fight me, which is highly unlikely, he’ll be getting a verbal beating like you’ve never seen." - Sonnen


"I’m not holding back on Nate [Marquardt], necessarily; I haven’t been asked about him." - Sonnen.  The professionals in the MMA media business didn't ask the relevant questions?  Well, slap me silly and call me Sally.

"Secondly, there’s not a lot of ammunition there. Every now and then in this sport – and it’s every now and then; it’s extremely rare – but you’re going to come across a good guy." - Sonnen

"For every dirt bag in this business, you’re going to run into a Nate Marquardt or a Chael Sonnen or a Rich Franklin somewhere along the way." - Sonnen.  One of these things is different.  One of these things doesn't belong. (Hint: It's not Marquardt or Sonnen.)

"Two decent human beings have ended up getting paired together." - Sonnen


"Even though Mark Coleman is a bum, he wins fights." - Sonnen

"Who’s Mark Coleman’s coach? Who is Mark Coleman’s training partner? What is the name of the gym that he trains at? And don’t tell me the Hammer House. I want to know an actual building, an actual piece of real estate with a sign on it." - Sonnen.  Rumors swirled around Vegas that Coleman spent two months in the gym at Graceful Pastures Senior Living Center. (Pro MMA Radio)

"Everybody has a coach. Tiger Woods has a coach. Michael Jordan had a coach. Mayweather has a coach. Mark Coleman does not have a coach." - Sonnen

"Everybody has a team. Everybody has a team backing them. Tiger Woods has a team. Kobe has a team. All the greats have a team of any sport. He doesn’t have a team!" - Sonnen

"He’s his own coach, he’s his own team. He doesn’t even have a gym he belongs to. That’s just silly. How you could be in this for this long and be a one man show." - Sonnen

"On one hand (it) is remarkable. On one hand, maybe I’m looking at it wrong. Maybe I need to compliment him a little bit, but it’s just silly. That’s not what a dedicated guy does." - Sonnen


"I'm feeling horrible right now, so I'll take anything to perk me up a little bit." - Sonnen, on being the number one contender.

"I got cut in the fight. I got knocked out in the fight. I got choked in the fight. It was a miserable 15 minutes." - Sonnen.  That must have been the best 15 minutes of misery I've ever seen.

"I'm working on fighting things. I'm not spending my time on health or Anthony Robbins, screaming the word 'Yes!' over and over." - Sonnen.  No one is safe.

"I never would have tapped [in the third round], but I was very close going to sleep." - Sonnen, who nearly pulled a Sonnen when Marquardt caught him in a guillotine late in round three.


"Age is a factor with him." - UFC President Dana White, giving Mark Coleman's UFC career the Old Yeller treatment. (Cage Writer)

"On every [expletive] show, they're talking about Herschel Walker versus Jose Canseco. That's how [expletive] up ESPN is." - White, the last person in the world to recognize ESPN's awful choice of content. (Cage Writer)

"He’s single. He likes to go out and meet girls. He’s no different than anyone else." - White, addressing the Gonzo rumor of Chuck Liddell's alcoholism alleged by Tito Ortiz. (Las Vegas Sun)


"He’s caught everybody he’s fought with that stinking right hand of his at one point or another throughout the fight." - Frank Trigg, hours before getting caught by a Matt Serra overhand right. (MMA Weekly)

"Mark’s fighting style hasn’t changed in the thirteen years we’ve been doing this." - UFC legend Randy Couture, on Mark Coleman. (Fighters Only)

"It’s going to be like sex with a grizzly bear, you know, a lot of scratching and growling on both sides." - Don Frye, on Mark Coleman vs. Randy Couture.  (Five Ounces of Pain)

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