Alistair Overeem's Management Says, "Look for an Announcement From Strikeforce"

Photo by Scott Peterson via MMA Weekly

Headkick  Legend reports:

After discussing Alistair Overeem's future again with his management, the only comment was that the next announcement we will hear about Alistair Overeem will come from Strikeforce.

This is potentially big doings. Sadly it appears unlikely we'll see Fedor challenge Overeem for his Strikeforce title in April or May due to M-1 Global's ambitious partnership agenda.

It seems quite likely that Overeem will fight for either DREAM (rumors have Neil Grove as his opponent) in March at DREAM.13 or for K-1 against Ray Sefo at the K-1 World Grand Prix in Yokohama. Then he'll possibly defend his Strikeforce belt in May on their Showtime card.

I would like to see Overeem rematch Fabricio Werdum who beat him in 2006. Werdum was believed to be next in line to fight Fedor, but that fight is apparently not happening in April or May. Werdum is really the only credible heavyweight Strikeforce has in its pocket right now with Brett Rogers coming off a loss and Fedor holding out.

UPDATE: It's entirely possible that M-1 and Strikeforce may come to terms for a Fedor vs Overeem fight in May. There have been no official announcements from anyone ruling it out.

Perhaps the "we must have a drug test or Fedor won't fight Overeem" thing was a tactic to let Overeem's management know that they would only fight Overeem in the U.S. and not in DREAM.

There's an additional report from Headkick Legend talking to M-1:

According to M-1 Global, Strikeforce has not honored the contract that they signed with M-1 and the only way Fedor will fight in a Strikeforce cage again is if they sign a new contract. M-1 is looking for a partner and to have Strikeforce cards featuring Fedor to be fully co-promoted cards. 

M-1 Global is looking at other potential partners right now if Strikeforce doesn't shape up. Generally speaking, that does not mean there is a healthy relationship with Strikeforce and that the chances of seeing Fedor fighting outside of Strikeforce have gone out. Now, is this just them trying to scare Strikeforce into conceding to their demands or are they seriously shopping Fedor and M-1 Global around is the question. 

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