The Week in Quotes: February 14th - 20th



"With the way the UFC's pay scale is and as much as it costs me to get ready for a fight, at the end of the day I made like 40 grand." - Heath Herring, explaining his two year absence from fighting. Chris Leben and I thought he might have gone back to Japan or some place where the competition is a little easier. (MMA Mania)

"These guys are literally making money off our blood, sweat and tears." - Herring, literally making money off of someone else's investment.

"We don't get any health insurance. If you get hurt training for a fight, you're screwed. It's really kind of crazy." - Herring

"Dana White's got six Ferraris. Hell, I just want one." - Herring.  Perhaps you should reign in your dependence on material possessions to fulfill your life?


"I think the whole five Ferrari comment is that at this point in my career, I’m actually making less money than when I was younger and I was 23 years old." - Herring.  Oh, you were making more money when you came into fights in shape and winning?  Shocking.  (MMA Junkie)

"It’s obviously a risk that I wrestle with on a daily basis." - Herring.  Hopefully not like how you wrestled with Cheick Kongo. Heyyyoooo!

"But it’s like you wake up one day – and I’m almost 32 years old now – and you say, ‘What have I really done? What’s the legacy I’ve left for my child and my family, other than do you want to watch me on YouTube?'" - Herring, adding, "And that's why I've decided to take roles in B movies."


"Michael Bisping doesn’t scare me. How can Bisping scare me? I’ve traded punches with the best fighters in the world." - Former PRIDE middleweight champ Wanderlei Silva (Telegraph UK)

"The thing is, if your defense is tight, and I’ve obviously worked hard at tightening mine, and you have good defense, speed and the right game plan, Wanderlei can be an easy guy to beat." - Michael Bisping, easily beat Silva in a unanimous decision loss at UFC 110. (Yahoo)

"He's never going to take me to the ground." - Silva, taken to the ground five times during the bout. (MMA Weekly)

"Henderson gave me the way to beat him.  I'm going to try to copy Henderson.  I know the way to beat Bisping. I have a good game plan." - Silva

"Maybe I'll beat the one and then after, the other. Two for the price of one." - Silva, on Quinton Jackson being in Bisping's corner. (Yahoo)


"I really do not pay a lot of attention to smack talk." - Shane Carwin, on UFC 111 opponent Frank Mir's propensity for trash talk.  He will pay attention to smack talk if it involves the defamation of Coors Light and not-so-subtle innuendo of pillaging one's wife. (The Garv)

"I have a lot of respect for Frank as a fighter and as a MMA professional." - Carwin.  Frank Mir, the MMA professional later quoted in this article.

"I have a long ways to go to be on his Hall of Fame level so whatever he says is likely justified." - Carwin.  Is he talking about the Hall of Motorcycle Riding?


"You know what would happen to Herschel Walker over here? It would be the first death in MMA." - UFC President Dana White, upset that networks gave Herschel Walker more coverage than his stable of fighters. (SportsRadioInterviews)

"I want to train 2-3 months and take Herschel Walker down. He knows he has nothing on me. I'm going to train for this fight and kill him." - Jose Canseco, Zuffa's hired goon? (Bloody Elbow)

"Then there’s Fabricio Werdum, and I definitely want to kill him. He’s a loudmouth, but I think he’s first in line for Fedor, so that fight will wait a bit." - Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem, amidst calling out the entire roster of non-UFC heavyweights. (

"I want to break his neck in the ring. I want him to be the first person that dies to Octagon-related injuries." - Former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir, threatening current champ Brock Lesnar


"The real truth is that there weren't any real opponents for me to fight at the beginning of Strikeforce. Everything was new and there was no one to fight." - Overeem, reminding people that if you think Strikeforce's heavyweight division is thin now, you should take a look at its depth when he won the title.

"They didn't complain and I competed in Dream and K-1 in the meantime. Then when real fighters came, I got injured in 2009. I cut myself, and had a serious bacterial infection." - Overeem, giving Paul Buentello a backhanded insult.

"I will definitely fight Fedor this year. There's no doubt about it, unless he says no. I don't believe he will, but I’m a little worried about his managers. I'm sure he wants to fight, but I’m not sure people behind him do too." - Overeem

"Besides Fedor, there’s Brett Rogers. Big guy that doesn't worry me that much. Strong, but talks to much. I will fight him soon as well." - Overeem


"Fathead makes the best wall graphics in the business." - Dana White.  Promoterspeak Translation: Fathead is the only company that makes giant eyesores for your wall. (MMA Junkie)

"This is another cool way for our fans to show support for their favorite UFC fighters." - White.  Promoterspeak Translation: This is another way for us to leverage our ownership of fighter's likenesses for our own personal profit!


"Maybe we’re going to see some of my grappling. It’s been a while since I’ve been underneath anybody for a good amount of time." - Keith Jardine.  Chris Nelson has had that same problem. (MMA Weekly)

"I don't need to sign nothing. He can forge my signature. That's how ready I am for this fight." - "King" Mo Lawal

"We've been here before. A year ago, same [expletive] different day." - Wolfslair trainer Anthony McGee, on preparing for Wanderlei Silva.  Unfortunately, Michael Bisping isn't a 6'1" chain-wearing savage from Memphis, Tennessee. (Cage Writer)

"Now he's regulating his diet, he's not just solely eating the meat." - Brock Lesnar head trainer Greg Nelson, setting up a myriad of penis jokes. (Inside MMA)

"I said absolutely. I told them I would fly in the day of the fight and fight him in my jeans." - Pat Barry, on being offered a fight with Mirko Cro Cop on short notice. (Cage Writer)

"In my last fight in the States, I came two days before. They needed to wake me up before the fight." - Cro Cop.  You sure they woke you up? (MMA Junkie)

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