Updated: Bloody Elbow Confirms Strikeforce Is Not Meeting With Jose Canseco

via a.espncdn.com

When Jose Canseco "tweeted" the following:

@mike_keck & I are on our way to meet with cesar gracie, nick diaz and the strikeforce reps. Time to get to work.....

it led to a bit of speculation that maybe Strikeforce was deciding to explore the possibility of making Canseco vs. Herschel Walker a reality.  This was despite previous reports that Scott Coker was not interested in having Jose fight for the promotion.

Just to clear up any confusion I reached out to Strikeforce where Mike Afromowitz provided the following, very to the point statement to me:

We are not meeting with Jose and he will not be fighting Herschel Walker.

Not much more speculating one can do on the "will they/won't they" aspect of Walker/Canseco in Strikeforce. It's not happening, and Jose did not meet with any Strikeforce reps.

Update by Brent Brookhouse:  MMA Junkie ran a story earlier this evening stating the following:

Despite several reports to the contrary, it appears Strikeforce is at least giving Jose Canseco (0-1) the time of day.
Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker and Canseco gathered today in a San Jose, Calif.-area restaurant along with esteemed trainer Cesar Gracie to discuss the possibility of the former baseball star fighting for Strikeforce, according to Gracie, who spoke with MMAjunkie.com Friday before the group met.

Clearly this took me by surprise given that I spoke to Strikeforce officials earlier today who told me no meeting would be taking place.  So I reached right back out to Strikeforce who stated the following:

Nothing has changed.  Scott met with Cesar at a restaurant earlier today.  Cesar trains 3 of our champions.  Jose Canseco was meeting Cesar at the same restaurant and walked in as Scott was about to leave.  Cesar is training Canseco.

Reading between the lines based on what we've heard from all parties it sounds like a possible situation where an "accidental run-in" may have been set up by Gracie and Canseco to put Jose in the same room as Coker in hopes that something would come from it.

But Strikeforce has stated in plain English that they are not "meeting with" Jose and will not promote a Canseco/Walker fight.  I have no reason to believe that they would lie in this case when a simple "no comment" or "we're exploring every option under the sun" would serve them much better.

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