How to Fix Judging for DUMMIES by Kevin Zametov-St Pierre

A) More Judges
Reasoning: Anyone who has taken Statistics 1 knows all about sample size, the greater the sample size the more accurate your data is. 

What Should Happen: 9 Judges, 1 around every side of the Octagon, 1 watching thru a monitor similar to the NHL's old goal review booths.

Pros: More accuracy. This is really unarguable and a pillar of sports. The longer a playoff series goes the more likely the better team will win. The more judges the more likely the correct decision will be made.

Cons: 5 less tickets sold 

B) More Open Ended Scoring System

A 3 pronged system that includes;
1 - The 10 point Must System
2 - Damage
3 - Attempted / Near-Finishes as well as good defense to your opponets offense

For example. Machida-Rampage would be
29-28 Rampage via the 10 PMS
Machida did more damage on the feet, rocking rampage in the 3rd.
Machida and Jackson both had 1 takedown, Lyoto grappled better advancing to side control and mount while slightly threatening with a kimura.
Machida stunned Jackson with punches and attemped a Armbar
Jackson defended said armbar

The judge would take all that info and conclude that the winner should be Lyoto Machida.

Pro: More critical thinking would go into the judging, More critical thinking only helps accuracy

Con: The judges would take 2-3 minutes to interpret all the data and declare their winner.


C) EVEN Starts

This one is simple
BJ Penn hasnt been taken down at 155 in like 5 years. Since Frankie Took him down 2 out of 13 times he gets so much credit even tho he couldnt control him for long (if at all). 

Every fighters skillset should be judged if they were 0-0 at the start of the bout. 

I <3 Frankie, hes humble, hes from Jersey, Reps Jersey (Toms River Baby), Works Hard, Family Man, Always trying to improve his position, always trying to finish the fight (not his fault he wasnt blessed with great ko power) but i scored that fight 48-47 Penn

Thoughts? Improvement?

Put it this way, would my system work if implemented? No system is perfect but i think it would catch the bullshit like Garcia/Nam and Lentz/Griffin perfectly

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