Josh Koscheck: The People's Instigator

This is an article I wrote for on why I'm rooting for Josh Koscheck in his upcoming fight with Georges St-Pierre.

It's intended as a light-hearted look at the build up to the fight, so hopefully people will take it as such.

As always, I'm interested to hear the BE community's thoughts.


Judging by recent fan opinion, the upcoming matchup between Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck has turned into a pantomime-like tussle between good and evil. St-Pierre, the people’s champion, ready to fare down his brash opponent, beat him where he is best and send the ugly sister Koscheck back to the base of the contendership pile. People are positive that St-Pierre will win this, confident that their champion will retain his title in definitive fashion, confident that the increasingly annoying and unpopular Koscheck won’t get his hands anywhere near the gold. This confidence in St-Pierre and hatred of Koscheck puts me firmly in the challenger’s camp.

I am not a Koscheck fan, in fact I cannot remember actively rooting for him even once in his career, but there is absolutely no doubt that Koscheck winning would be the more interesting outcome. Not for the pleasure of seeing Koscheck win the title, or even the satisfaction of seeing St-Pierre lose it, but for the reaction of the fans.

Cast your minds back to the aftermath of St-Pierre’s loss to Matt Serra, and the hilarity that ensued as people scrabbled for excuses as to how a natural lightweight had stopped the supposedly unstoppable champion in just over three minutes. Suddenly, the only reason Matt Serra had taken the title from St-Pierre was that the champion’s "mind wasn’t right". Even now when fans discuss the fight, the terms "luck-boxed", "fluke" and "lucky punch" are thrown around, with the result of the rematch –where St-Pierre dominated Serra– apparently backing up these excuses masquerading as analysis.

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