Why Are "Fans" So Angry That Strikeforce Had A Better Show Than the UFC?

From WKR

After this weekend's head to head between the UFC and Strikeforce, it was clear to anyone with an objective mind that Strikeforce clearly had the better show. It was more exciting and, compared to the UFC Finale, was fluff-less. So when perusing the internet, I found it funny that there seemed to be a lot of MMA "fans" that were upset that Strikeforce had the better show. 

First, people pointed to the "fact" that it was only a "lowly TUF FInale" for the UFC and a "super big show" for Strikeforce. That's simply a silly point to make. A show is a show is a show. Whether or not a show is "major" or "minor" makes no difference as to the potential (and later actual) quality of the show in my opinion. Your goal as a promoter is to put on the best show possible. Of course, you can't predict finishes, but the ideal goal is to put fights that have the potential to be exciting. Star power only matters in ratings. Lyoto Machida is a bigger star than Nick Diaz, but I'd rather see Nick fight. WEC shows were "minor" shows, but they killed most major shows in terms of excitement. A point that many people love to point out. So why is it that when Strikeforce is better than the UFC does major and minor become a factor. 

Then people tried to point to the "fact" that the Strikeforce matchups were lopsided and guaranteed finishes. This assertion fails on two points. One, a finish doesn't make a fight exciting. Frank Mir vs Mirko Filipovic was a boring fight which finished with a brutal KO. That knee did not erase the boring 13 minutes we spent watching. Two, the odds for the fights don't bare this out. Now, I know what some of you are saying "Odds don't mean anything". Well they don't...and yet, they do. While odds aren't a 100% indicator of how close matchups are, they can be used to get an overall picture of opinions on the fight. The biggest "mismatch" on the cards was on the TUF finale in the Damien Maia/Kendall Grove "Kendall gets cut" match. Now, there was one "mismatch" on the Strikeforce card due to a late replacement, however the "underdog" ended up with a great showing against someone who outweighed him by 60 lbs of muscle. 

Then finally when those arguments ran thin, they simply shouted "scoreboard" and pointed to the ratings as the UFC numbers as a whole were better than Strikeforce's. Now while that is true, on average more people watched the UFC than Strikeforce, any type of critical type of analysis can see that they show a trend. While the UFC's numbers shrunk as time went on (and peaked in the first two segments), the Strikeforce number grew and peaked during the main event. Not to mention that Showtime is seen in about 17% of the homes SPIKE tv is shown in. The ratings pattern indicate that fans watched the first 30 minutes of the UFC show and changed the channel, bit-by-bit, to Strikeforce and many didn't turn back to the UFC.

So why the anger? I don't understand it. I'm not one of those guys that rail on about "Zuffa Zombies" or this that and the other, but it does seem odd that in the first head-to-head live show battle between the two that Strikeforce having the better show has irked "fans" of MMA. I use quotations when saying fan because if you are a TRUE fan of MMA, you would be happy that another organization is able to put on exciting MMA. I don't understand the mentality. 

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