'UFC 124: St-Pierre vs. Koscheck' Conference Call Live Updates and Recap

via www.txmma.com

The UFC will be hosting a conference call live at 2 p.m. ET today to promote "UFC 124: St-Pierre vs. Koscheck." Scheduled to appear on the call are UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and challenger Josh Koscheck

Follow Mike Fagan on Twitter for live updates. Do you have a question for either participant? Maybe you want to know what GSP thinks of arsenic-tolerant bacteria? Or perhaps you're dying to get Josh Koscheck's thoughts on AMC's The Walking Dead? Send your questions to me on Twitter or leave them in the comments below.

Check back to this post around 3 p.m. ET for a full recap of the call.


Recap: GSP says this is the best GSP ever...Reality television is edited...French-Canadians rudely use the mother tongue...

If you've heard GSP or Josh Koscheck give an interview, you wouldn't have been too surprised by this conference call. That might be an analogy for the fight on Saturday too. Koscheck had the best line of the afternoon when he told St-Pierre that Freddie Roach can't fix his chin and that his [Koscheck's] grandmother also predicted a second-round, left-hook knockout, playing on an interview Roach gave last week.

St-Pierre touched some more on the time he spent with Freddie Roach, saying that Roach "improved his punching technique." GSP went as far as saying that he thought he knew boxing until he trained with Roach. He added that his main focus for this camp was to increase his finishing ability, and Roach's tutelage aided him with that goal.

Koscheck remained coy when asked about his portrayal on the show, going so far as to say he couldn't comment on it. He said he would coach on the show again if the UFC asked him, but he would prefer not to in order to maintain a busy fight schedule.

Beau Dure had the best question of the afternoon when he asked Georges St-Pierre why Brad Tate was brought on the show. An ill-time echo washed out GSP's answer. A mystery for another day.

Koscheck reiterated that he would never fight Jon Fitch. St-Pierre said he was too focused on Koscheck to comment on fighting B.J. Penn again.

And Georges St-Pierre let us know that this is the best Georges St-Pierre there's ever been.


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