Leonard Garcia 'does not approve' of Doc's New Scoring Method




A new scoring method, developed by the veteran official "Doc" Hamilton, and designed for use in Mixed Martial Arts bouts, represents something fundamentally different than what is currently being used in MMA.  

Currently, mma uses the "10 point must system," a system that offers only three possible outcomes for each round (10-10, 10-9, 10-8), while the 10-8 is almost never used due to referee stoppages.  The scoring method, which was originally designed for boxing, has been effective in scoring fights that typically go more than ten - 3 minute rounds -- where as most MMA fights are scheduled for three - 5 minute rounds.

The new system, a variant of the 10 point system, allows for 7 possible variations (10-10, 10-9.5, 10-9, 10-8.5, 10-8, 10-7.5, 10-7) with the 10-7 and 10-7.5 almost never used due to referee stoppages.  The biggest difference, however, is not in the scoring possibilities themselves but in the criteria that is used to determine the score.

Currently, mma uses three criteria of equal value:  effective striking & grappling, cage control, and aggression.  All three criteria are used as a whole in determining the round winner.  The easiest way to characterize how these criteria are used in the actual is to say:  if Fighter 'A' is able to demonstrate a superiority in one or more of the three criteria, and Fighter 'B' is not, than the round will go to Fighter 'A'.  This scoring method has been frustrating to fans on occasion because if Fighter 'A' demonstrates effective striking (that has led to damage), but Fighter 'B' has demonstrated aggression and cage control (things that often don't lead to damage), fighter 'B' will still be the round winner.

The new system, introduces a singular criteria (damage inflicted) that is backed by several other criteria in case of a tie in damage.  If both fighters inflict the same level of damage, then the secondary criteria of effective striking/grappling will be used.  If that too is deemed a tie, then a tertiary criteria of cage control will be used in determining the round winner.  And, if after all rounds have been completed and there is a tie in the cumulation of all round scores, then a "Table Judge" will determine the winner based on a scoring system in which points are given for various technical moves tallied throughout the entire fight (ex.  knock downs, guard passing, sweeps, etc.).

I like this new method -- finally DAMAGE  is the focus of MMA bouts.

This new scoring system will have a trial run in Amateur California MMA bouts before it is used in professional fights.

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