Worbs UFC 125 Predictions Pt.3: Edgar vs Maynard


Las Vegas, Nevada will be invaded by the World's largest Mixed Martial Arts organization as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brings it's big dogs, and Lightweight strap to the MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 1st, 2011. To help you get into the mood I have once again decided to do the predictions column in a slightly different then normal fashion as I have broke down 2 fights a day from the PPV card leading to Friday(today), in which I will now break down how I feel the Main Event between Lightweight Champion Frankie 'The Answer Edgar, and the only man to beat him thus far, Gray 'The Bully' Maynard will play out.

Gray Maynard needs to repeat his win over Frank Edgar on Saturday to become the Lightweight Champion of the UFC, but it's not that cut and dry. Even after a win over Edgar, Maynard will still have to get passed Anthony Pettis to unite the WEC Lightweight gold with that of the UFC's. And that's a whole other ball game. Or can Edgar exact the long awaited revenge he is desperately seeking on the man who is responsible for his only blemish to date? Let's find out.

Well it's not too often that a Champion comes in as the underdog, and it's even less often to be the underdog as the reigning champ after dethroning the former man though unbeatable at 155 in BJ Penn. But Frank Edgar is facing this exact conundrum, as he comes in as the underdog on the Vegas lines once again, leaving me wondering just when the day may come that Edgar doesn't register as an underdog headed in to a fight as champion. Or better yet, if he'll get that chance.

Gray Maynard is everything he needs to be to beat Frank Edgar again, and so long as he sticks to what he's good at, I see no reason this won't happen. Edgar may have what it takes to beat Penn back to back, but he's fighting a man that has extremely dominating top control, and doesn't require any real stand up threat in Maynard. Gray Maynard will boast a favorable size advantage as well as power advantage as he 'bullies' Edgar around the cage. Edgar will really have to look to keep this one standing and look for a 25 minute decision by out pointing Gray, exactly like he did Penn twice. But Gray won't stand for that. In fact quite the opposite. Gray will take Edgar to the floor and use his brute strength to suck the life out of the smaller Edgar. Gray will stay busy enough to avoid the standup en route to getting the judges to score this one 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46 for the winner, and NEW Lightweight Champion of the World, Gray 'The Bully' Maynard.

***Gray Maynard by way of Unanimous Decision***

So that's that. We have a new UFC Lightweight Champion, and Frankie Edgar left debating a drop to 145 where he's more fitted. Then the eventual meeting of Maynard vs Pettis to decide who is the true UFC Lightweight Champion.

But first things first. Let me know how I did here. You tend to agree? You putting up what I'm throwing down? You catch my drift? You like the cut of my jib? Or am I asking more questions then Jim Carey as the Riddler? Can I stop?

Yes I can. Let's hear it blackbelts.

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Thanks guys.

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