Sengoku: Soul of Fight Results - Keita Nakamura Wins SRC Welterweight Tournament

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Keita "K-Taro" Nakamura (21-4-2) won the SRC welterweight grand prix by choking out Yasubey Enomoto (6-2) on the second round. Here's how the fight played out according to Tony Louiseleur:

Round 1
"K-Taro" fires punches off first, surprisingly sparking Enomoto. Enomoto falls to his posterior and Nakamura dives in to finish. Referee Tomoki Matsumiya keeps a close eye, but Enomoto appears to be fine. Enomoto locks Nakamura rubber guard for a moment, but it's short-lived. Nakamura stays in close and so Enomoto tries once again to work the rubber guard. Enomoto punches from bottom in between attempts to lock Nakamura down. Enomoto is the more active party here, throwing punches from bottom and working a very active guard. Halfway through the round, "K-Taro" finally throws some short punches to the sides of Enomoto's head. Enomoto switches sides with his rubber guard but he finds less success. The bell rings. scores the round 10-10.

Round 2
Enomoto grazes with a one-two and eats two hooks from Nakamura. They clash heads and Enomoto stops to protest, but Matsumiya does nothing. Nakamura clinches up and goes for the takedown, but Enomoto's arm catches the ropes. Matsumiya breaks them up and gives Enomoto a yellow card for grabbing the ropes. Both fighters begin to bang it out in the center of the ring, landing tit-for-tat. Nakamura puts Enomoto in the corner and works his way to the takedown. Nakamura postures up to throw big punches from top, Enomoto rolls, allowing "K-Taro" to take his back. It's just a blink of an eye before Nakamura sinks his trademark rear-naked choke. After a hesitant moments, Enomoto taps out at 3:48 of round two.

The full results so far for this mammoth SRC: Soul of Fight card are after the jump.

Sengoku: Soul of Fight Coverage

Sotaro Yamada def. Yi Sak Kim via TKO (Punches) Round 1 - 1:40
Kiyotaka Shimizu def. Ichiro Sugita via Decision (Split)
Yukio Sakaguchi def. Jin Suk Jung via Decision (Unanimous)
Misaki Takimoto def. Amy Davis via Decision (Split)
Rin Nakai def. Mika Harigai via Submission (Keylock)     Round 1 - 2:09
Shunichi Shimizu def. Manabu Inoue via Decision (Unanimous)
Taiyo Nakahara def. Akitoshi Tamura via DQ (Low Blows)     Round 1 - 2:07
Dave Herman def. Yoshihiro Nakao via Decision (Unanimous)
Mamed Khalidov def. Yuki Sasaki via TKO (Punches)     Round 1 - 2:22
Jadamba Narantungalag def. Kazunori Yokota via KO (Punch)     Round 1 - 2:03
Keita Nakamura def. Yasubey Enomoto via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)     Round 2 - 3:48

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