Bloody Wraps December 27: Nazism Is Bad, Tim Sylvia Makes Me Yawn and One Hundred Boxers

INDIANAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 25: Frank Mir reacts after defeating Mirko Cro Cop during their UFC heavyweight bout at Conseco Fieldhouse on September 25 2010 in Indianapolis Indiana. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Let me start by saying that I hope everyone had a great holiday. Family business forced me to not post these pieces for the past few days and forced me into posting this later than most nights, but I'm back now and everyone can rest easy. Before we get back to soaking in the day's news I'm sure you all noticed the new title. So yes, Mike Fagan gets the bragging rights for coming up with my favorite name for the nightly feature.

News Flash: Nazi Imagery Is Bad - Obviously the biggest story on BE today was Jonathan Snowden's piece on Silver Star and some of the Nazi imagery featured on their clothing. Long-time readers probably remember me doing my best to lead the charge on the Hoelzer Reich situation back in 2009. Let me tell you, the death threats and just generally garbage that you have to put up with when you handle these situations are not fun. And I don't say this to sound noble or anything, but this is a situation that has to be written about.

Silver Star is a much bigger name on the sponsorship front than HR was so I doubt we'll be seeing them get bounced as a fighter sponsor in any meaningful way but attention being called to the designs should see the end of them. And as we continue to shine the light on this all when it comes up we'll hopefully see less of it in the future.

The issue really is less with "are they intending to promote Nazi culture?" than it is with just having this kind of symbolism tied to the sport in any way. There's no benefit and too much downside to companies carelessly using this imagery and tying the sport to such a profoundly negative thing.

No Frank For You, Brendan - Brendan Schaub is getting Stefan Struve now instead of Frank Mir. I honestly like the fight more than Schaub/Mir. It's two of the UFC's most constantly improving heavyweights meeting in a bout that moves one man to the brink of the "top tier" of the UFC heavyweights.

Schaub hits hard enough that Struve's inability to use his length effectively and his tendency to get rocked may be major issues. At the same time, Struve presents a set of tough challenges unlike what Schaub has had to deal with yet. The Mir fight seemed like an odd choice just because you're either hurting a fast rising prospect with a loss or sacrificing one of your best fight selling heavyweights in a slightly underwhelming fight (in terms of relevance).

Quick Hits

- Tim Sylvia is ready to step in against Abe Wagner once Todd Duffee takes the Dynamite!! fight against Alistair Overeem. I've defended Tim's career in the past and think he's a good guy. But I could not possibly care less about that fight.

- MMA For Real's Anthony Pace has a nice round-up of the non-UFC lightweights. It's probably not going to introduce as many fresh faces as Leland's great prospect series around Bloody Elbow, but it's a nice refresher on some of the best the sport has to offer at 155 that aren't calling the Octagon their home.

- If you're in to dropping your panties, Gal's Guide To MMA has their Pantydropper of the Year finalists up for voting. So...go drop your panties.

- Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook gets "Post of the Day" honors for writing up the top 100 boxers in the world. It took a stupid amount of time and is a long read, but for those of you who are always asking who out there is someone you should be keeping an eye on...this is for you.

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