Report: Alistair Overeem vs. Todd Duffee Agreed for Dynamite!! 2010

The rumored bout between K-1 and Strikeforce champ, Alistair Overeem (33-11) and former top UFC prospect, Todd Duffee (6-1) will push through for Dynamite!! 2010. Duffee originally posted about it on his facebook account a few days ago, but then deleted it shortly after. MMA Fighting has it:

Alistair Overeem finally knows who he will be facing on the card. His opponent? Former UFC prospect Todd Duffee.

...MMA Fighting has confirmed with multiple sources close to the bout that both parties have officially agreed to the fight... FEG is only expected to officially announce the fight sometime after Christmas.

It is interesting to note that while Duffee recently declined a Strikeforce bout against Antonio Silva because he didn't want to compete on short notice, he will be taking this fight against a more dangerous opponent on less than two weeks notice. This decision may have something to do with his upcoming January bout against Abe Wagner, as he has already been training, and probably felt that he could be able to get ready in time for New Year's.

Even if people aren't going to be too high on the 25-year-old's chances against a guy like Alistair, this is actually pretty decent for a bout that was made on the 12th hour -- certainly better than Overeem's other opponents in DREAM.

UPDATE: Matthew Roth of HeadKickLegend provides more details on the comments section:

- Duffee is getting paid 60k to show and an unnamed amount to win. Bobby Lashley wanted minimum 80k to show and a larger amount if he won. So Duffee was the next best choice.
- He’s in Japan right now. If he says he’s fighting he could lose his visa which is why it’s not announced yet.
- It will NOT be for the DREAM belt

UPDATE 2: Todd Duffee’s Manager Monte Cox says Duffee wants to fight:
"This is one of those opportunities that come around once in a lifetime. Todd isn't 100% and there isn't enough time to get 100% ready, but he felt like it was a dream come true to fight against one of the best, if not the best, heavyweights in the world.

"I'll be honest, I argued against taking the fight. I'd rather he have time to prepare and be at full strength... but he was adamant that this was a special opportunity and he wasn't going to pass on it and regret it later on. He said 'I'm a fighter... this is what I do.' How am I supposed to argue with that logic?"


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