'Tachi Palace Fights 7: Deck the Halls' Live Results and Play-by-Play

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The 10-fight event takes place at the Tachi Palace Hotel And Casino in Lemoore, Calif., with co-headliners of James Irvin vs. Jorge Oliveira and Jussier da Silva vs. Danny Martinez. Two titles are also up for grabs.

Catch tonight's stream at MMAjunkie.com, which includes John Morgan in the broadcast booth, beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET (5:30 p.m. PT).

Join us at BloodyElbow.com at 8:30 p.m. ET and share your thoughts as the show unfolds.

Jorge Oliveira defeats James Irvin via submission (arm bar) round 1.
Jussier da Silva defeats Danny Martinez by decision.
Micah Miller defeats Isaac DeJesus by submission in round 1. Non-title fight, Miller missed weight.  
John Alessio defeats Phil Collins via TKO round 3. Welterweight title fight.
Seth Baczynski defeats Tim McKenzie by TKO in round 1.
Jay Silva defeats Jamie Jara via TKO in 0:33 of the first round
Tommy Vargas defeats Martin Sandoval via decision.
 Tony Llamas defeats Sergio Quinones via submission (arm bar) in round 2.
Jimmy Ambriz defeats Mike Guidry by TKO in round 2. 
 Nik Fekete defeats Chris Bostick via TKO in round 2.

Live blog in the full entry. 

Kid Nate taking over for Brent Brookhouse who can't get the stream:    Here we go. 

Chris Bostick vs Nik Fekete: Fekete is a blue chip wrestling prospect coming out of Xtreme Couture. Bostick coming in on a four fight winning streak with 5/6 of his wins coming via submission. Round 1 Bostick comes out behind a jab. Fekete forces him against the cage, gets him down with a double leg. Bostick stands up. Fekete throwing knees. Bostick shoots gets Fekete's back standing. Clinched against the cage. Fekete gets double unders and forces Bostick to the ground. Bostick in guard, lands some hammer fists from the bottom, spins for a leg. Fekete escapes the leg attack, back to Bostick's guard. Fekete beginning to land punches from the top. Fekete stands up, Bostick stays down until Herb Dean stands him up. They trade standing. Fekete stuns him with a hard right hand followed by a knee to the body. Bostick shoots for a single leg. Nothing doing. Fekete scores with a flurry of punches and some knees. Nice work from Fekete. Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 Fekete. Round 2 Fekete comes out aggressive with punches. Leg kick from Fekete. Bostick shoots, gets stuffed. Fekete working from a front head lock. Bostick rolls to his back. Fekete landing some hard shots from the top. We're in the beat down zone. Bostick seems to have survived. He's moving and trying to evade the ground and pound. But Fekete is still scoring. Bostick throwing some hammer fists from his back. Now we're in Bostick's 1/2 guard. Body shots from Fekete. Fekete stands up, Bostick forced to join him on the feet by Herb Dean. More punches from Fekete. Uppercut, body shots, knees to the face. Bostick buckles after a body/head combo. Herb Dean steps in and stops the fight. Impressive performance by Nik Fekete. Nik Fekete defeats Chris Bostick via TKO at 4:06 of round 2.

Jimmy Ambriz vs. Mike Guidry: Heavyweight tilt Jimmy Ambriz coming in on his usual short notice. Three weeks this time. Round 1 Ambriz charging forward. Eats a few punches. Forces Guidry to the fence working for a single leg. Gets Guidry down. Guidry firing elbows from the bottom. Threatens an arm bar. Now in closed guard. And I lost the steam. And we're back. Announcers seem to be scoring it for Guidry. Round 2 Ambriz scoring first and the steam dies again. Stream kicks back in with one minute left of the round. Ambriz on top landing some punches. Guidry rolls to his knees. Ambriz punching to the ribs. Herb Dean stops the fight. Jimmy Ambriz defeats Mike Guidry by TKO.

Tony Llamas vs. Sergio Quinones: Llamas coming in for Andy Miranda. Quinones rocking a "Rise Above" tat. Wonder if he knows Black Flag's version. Herb Dean reffing again. Round 1  They trade leg kicks and Quinones shoots, picks up Llamas and slams him down. Llamas back to his feet, now back down. Quinones gets his back. Has both hooks in rolls off for an arm bar. Fails. Llamas on top. Quinones throwing up triangle and arm bar attempts nothing doing. Llamas to side mount. Now gets crucifix. Landing some shots on the helpless Quinones. Quinones gets an arm free. Almost gets guard. Back to side mount. Llamas throwing elbows and punches. Quinones gets on top. Llamas threatening a triangle. They roll but Llamas maintains the triangle. It's not tight. He switches to an arm bar attempt. Quinones escapes. Llamas in half-guard landing some hard shots from the top. Back to side mount. Hard punches as Llamas gets up, Quinones drops for a guillotine but doesn't have it. Quinones rushes for mount but Llamas gets back on top. More punches from the top. Quinones stands up, Llamas pulls him down. More shots from Llamas. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for Llamas.  Round 2 Llamas fires a high kick to open. Quinones shoots in gets Llamas on his back. Llamas scrambles up and gets Quinones' back. Quinones rolls to his back. More ground and pound from Llamas. Now he's got Quinones' back again. Llamas working for the rear naked choke. Lets it go. More hard shots from the top. Gets mount. Quinones rolls, forces Llamas to his back but Llamas immediately applies an arm bar and gets the tap. Tony Llamas defeats Sergio Quinones via submission (arm bar).

Martin Sandoval vs. Tommy Vargas Josh Rosenthal is the ref. 135lb fight. Round 1 Sandoval looks small at this weight. Vargas drops for a single and smoothly takes Sandoval down. Drags Sandoval to the cage. Some forearms, elbows and hammer fists from the top. Now some punches. Sandoval controlling Vargas' right arm, doing a good job of tying him up and breaking his posture. Vargas gets free, lands some punches. Sandoval rolls out. Throws some leg kicks and immediately Vargas takes him down. Back to Sandoval's guard. Stream dies. And we're back. Now they're standing up and Vargas tags him with a huge left hand. Sandoval drops but recovers his wits and gets guard. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for Tommy Vargas. Round 2 Sharp exchanges with both men scoring. Vargas drops for the take down and is back in Sandoval's guard. Rosenthal forces a stand up. Vargas shoots for a single but Sandoval fights it off. They're clinched against the cage. Vargas has double underhooks and Sandoval is bent very far over. Vargas' corner calls for the knee but don't get it. Ref restarts. They trade before Vargas drives for a double leg and puts Sandoval down on his back. Sandoval keeps him pretty tied up on the ground but Vargas lands a few shots. Scramble and Sandoval escapes to his feet. Body kicks from Sandoval and Vargas shoots again. Stream freezes. Round 3 Looks like it went to a decision. Tommy Vargas defeats Martin Sandoval via decision.

Jamie Jara vs. Jay Silva Middleweight fight. Silva is a UFC veteran. He's on a three fight losing streak. Josh Rosenthal is back.  Round 1 Jay Silva comes out aggressive and rocks Jara. Drops him with an uppercut. Josh Rosenthal stops the fight. Jay Silva defeats Jamie Jara via TKO in 0:33 of the first round. 

Seth Baczynski vs. Tim McKenzie They're calling this a welterweight fight but it's actually a 175lb catch weight bout. More Rosenthal as the ref.  Round 1 They clinch up after some inconsequential trading on the feet. McKenzie takes him down but Baczynski goes for a guillotine. McKenzie drives him back down with a nice double leg. Back to the feet. Body shots from Baczynski he staggers McKenzie, follows up with a knee, drops him. McKenzie trying to survive on his back, goes for an arm bar, it's deep! Baczynski escapes and lays a beating on McKenzie. Rosenthal stops the action. Seth Baczynski defeats Tim McKenzie by TKO in round 1. 

Welterweight title fight John Alessio vs. Phil Collins Round 1 They're trading. Pretty slow pace. Alessio is pawing with a jab. Collins winging punches. Nothing much landing. Finally some contact. Collins charging forward behind some hooks. Nothing serious. More feeling out than a junior high school date. Alessio connects. Again. Both jabs. Terrible round. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-10. Round 2 More circling. Alessio groping with an open left hand. Throws a few jabs. Collins winging and lands with a right hook. Alessio now wings a hook, also misses. Stream freezes. I doubt I'm missing much. And we're back. Fight still sucks. Collins landing a body kick. Alessio throws a leg kick, misses. Collins jabs to the body. Alessio moving forward behind the jab. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Collins. Round 3 Really wishing this wasn't a title fight right about now. More feeling out. And damn! Collins lunges forward and Alessio drops him with a left hook and follows him to the ground with some more shots and the ref stops the action. John Alessio defeats Phil Collins via TKO round 3. Reminds me of Mir vs Cro Cop. 

Isaac DeJesus vs. Micah Miller This was supposed to be a Featherweight title fight but Miller missed weight so it's a three round, non-title catchweight fight. Serious screw up by Miller. The 6'1" Miller has a huge height advantage over the 5'7" inch DeJesus.  Round 1 Miller gets the take down with a quickness. DeJesus reverses and is in Miller's guard. Miller working rubber guard. Where's Joe Rogan? I think he's doing it wrong. Miller threatens an arm bar, no luck. DeJesus landing some shots. Miller reverses. Immediately gets side mount. Knees to the ribs. DeJesus with a headlock on Miller but Miller gets mount. Still hasn't freed the head. DeJesus appears to be going for a guillotine while mounted. Miller gets the head free. DeJesus rolls to his belly, Miller takes his back. Gets the hooks in. Trying to flatten DeJesus out. Working for a choke. DeJesus taps. Micah Miller defeats Isaac DeJesus by submission in round 1. 

Jussier da Silva vs. Danny Martinez Flyweight action.  Round 1 And the stream craps out again. da Silva has Martinez' back when the stream fires up again. Da Silva puts the figure four on him. Some punches start landing, da Silva threatens the choke, no go. Martinez stands up da Silva stays on his back. More punches. Bloody Elbow guesses that the round should be scored 10-9 da Silva. Round 2 Big kick from da Silva. Martinez punching the body. Another kick from da Silva. Martinez landing punches. Da Silva shoots, Martinez sprawls. Da Silva shoots and this time he gets him down. Straight to side mount. Slick. Da Silva spins and gets his back in the scramble. Both hooks in. Da Silva hooking the back of Martinez' right leg to pull him down while staying on his back. Martinez stands, da Silva stays on the back. Some punches from both fighters. Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for da Silva. Round 3 Martinez comes out aggressive. Da Silva shoots, Martinez sprawls. Knee from da Silva. Body punches by Martinez. Da Silva drops to guard. He's got wrist control and a closed guard. Martinez gets an arm free lands a big elbow. Martinez throwing some hard punches from the top. Da Silva thinking arm bar. Martinez bleeding. Elbows from the top for Martinez. Da Silva gets wrist control again. Martinez frees up and goes back to his feet. Flying knee from Martinez, whiffs. Martinez lands a hook and a body shot. Da Silva shoots and lands a lovely take down. Good scramble ends in a very odd position that morphs into side control for da Silva. Martinez rolls out and goes for a choke but da Silva instantly takes his back! Figure four body lock for da Silva. Martinez desperately cage walking but no escape. Da Silva ends the fight working for a choke. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-10, 30-28 for da Silva. Jussier da Silva defeats Danny Martinez by decision.

James Irvin vs. Jorge Oliveira Irvin didn't make weight so this is a heavyweight fight. Herb Dean is the ref. Round 1  Irvin throwing bombs. Oliveira shoots, Irvin stuffs it. Oliveira in guard. Irvin throwing. Oliveira working for a triangle. Can't get it. Irvin throwing big shots but not landing clean. Irvin stands up, dives down behind some punches, eats an up kick, leaves his arm in! Oliveira gets the submission, Irvin taps! Jorge Oliveira defeats James Irvin via submission (arm bar). 

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