Did GSP overtake Lyoto Machida as MMA's Most Boring?

Lyoto Machida was once known as the type that "manipulated the rules in his favor to win."



Does finishing one fight a year mean a fighter is trying to finish???


Although extremely boring, the art of Machida kept him on the winning side of fights. 

GSP proved against Koscheck that he can win, but has GSP taken over the persona asthe UFC’s most boring?

Over the past two years GSP has only been able to finish two fight.  His stoppage against B.J. Penn was without a doubt a rare one and Matt Serra was nothing but a one hit wonder.

While stating that GSP is boring may get its own share of debate, one thing that can’t be questioned is his ability to finish.  He has all of the skill in the world, but he chooses not to destroy.


Money doesn't bring happiness...but have you ever seen anyone pissed off on a Jet-Ski?


In his last 15 rounds it is far fetched to find one that he has lost, however it is just as difficult to find one where he laid it all out on the line and pushed for the finish.

Action vs. winning is not a debate.  A fighter’s job is to win.  Sure, they all say that being interesting is the priority, but winning is everything.

Kalib Starnes, Junie Browning, and Kimbo are all exciting and interesting fighters, but they all sucked!


Is game planning and his camp partially to blame?

Many feel that it is unfair to call GSP boring, and they may be right.  GSP’s understanding of MMA is a part of the reason he is arguably the best in the world.

The combination of the brilliant minds in his camp, and his understanding of the fight game put him at an extreme advantage.  Combine that with his athletic ability and experience, and you have one of the best ever.

This know how helps him game plan and fight in an intelligent manner.  While keeping his chin safe and out of trouble so that he can win is great, it does not always generate highlight reel knockouts, submissions, or strikes.

He is simply not willing to take three or four of their punches to land one of his.

This same safety net also results in him playing a prevent defense.  In this case it simply prevents the opponent from doing any real damage, while he does the same.



i expect this debate is going to get a lot of attention and tons of comments!

What do you guys think?


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