WEC 53 Results: Cruz Cruises Past Jorgensen en Route to First UFC Bantamweight Title

Dominick Cruz with his new belt collection. Photo by Scott Petersen via MMA Weekly

Dominick Cruz is the first ever UFC bantamweight champ.

Cruz made it look awkward but easy as he dominated Scott Jorgensen for all five rounds to retain his WEC bantamweight championship. Since WEC 53 was the last ever event for the UFC's baby brother promotion, Cruz will defend his new UFC title when he moves up to the big show in 2011.

All three judges scored it 50-45 for Dominick Cruz.

Cruz immediately called out Urijah Faber after the bout. Faber, the former WEC featherweight champ has just moved down to 135lbs after losing his title to Mike Brown and then losing a title shot to current champ Jose Aldo. 

Scott Jorgensen was game but had no answer for Cruz' speed and combination of boxing skills and better wrestling. 

Cruz came out using his trademark awkward movement to stymie Jorgensen then leaping in with body punches and kicks from odd angles. 90 seconds in, Cruz was beginning to connect consistently with combinations. Jorgensen shot in and took Cruz' back standing but Cruz fought free. Cruz continued to punish Jorgensen with fast combinations of punches and kicks, particularly telling were the uppercuts. Jorgensen shot again and took Cruz down in the last 20 seconds. He attacked Cruz' back desperately but slipped over the top and ended the round on bottom.

Jorgensen shot in right away to open the second but couldn't force the fight to the ground. Cruz began to connect immediately and he continued to make Jorgensen miss. Another clinch attempt ended with Cruz putting Jorgensen on his back and fighting from inside Jorgensen's guard. Elbows and punches rained down on the challenger. Jorgensen fought to control the champ, but was unable to manage any offense off his back. They return to the feet and Cruz got aggressive, landing a flying knee and a high kick in the final flurry of the round.

In the third Cruz landed a right that dropped Jorgensen early but the challenger got right back to his feet. But Cruz started to pour it on and began to hurt Jorgensen with the accumulated damage. Jorgensen briefly baited Cruz into an exchange, but even then Cruz landed more shots. Jorgensen's right eye began to swell. Cruz took Jorgensen down with about 1:20 left and again worked from inside the challenger's guard. Jorgensen swept Cruz suddenly and briefly took the champ's back before Cruz fought back to his feet.

Cruz took Jorgensen down right away in the fourth. More of the peppering ground and pound from the champ. Jorgensen fought to his feet with around three minutes left. But Cruz outscored him on the feet and then took Jorgensen down again with a knee tap. This time Cruz passed the guard before Jorgensen got back to his feet. Cruz landed a hard knee to the body followed by a right hand. 

Jorgensen came out firing in the final round but Cruz again made him miss and countered hard. Jorgensen finally got the champ down with about 2:30 left but Cruz stood right up. Cruz immediately shot in and put Jorgensen on his back where he landed more strikes from the top and worked to pass. Jorgensen got up with seconds left but there was no hope. 

Dominick Cruz came into the fight 16-1 with his only loss coming to Urijah Faber at 145lbs in 2007. Cruz took the WEC bantamweight title from Brian Bowles in March and defended his crown against Joseph Benavidez in August. 

Jorgensen brought a five fight win streak into the cage tonight including a revenge win over Antonio Banuelos, the last man to beat him in 2009. 


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