Gsp 'not finishing fights': The Stats and the Story

Georges St. Pierre is often criticized for not finishing his opponents. This criticism doesn't seem to halt or even slow down when we take into consideration the high level of talent of his opponents he is flawlessly defeating. And coming off another ridiculously impressive performance win over number one contender Josh Koscheck at UFC 123 this past Saturday in Montreal, Georges St. Pierre has now went from a 'boring wrestler who lay n prays to win' to a 'boring striker who can't finish'. Baffled by these outlandish labels I decided instead of simply arguing why Georges St. Pierre isn't all the bad things people call him, I instead decided to provide the cold hard facts. I kept it rather easy to follow, so my average reader that undoubtedly only has his grade 4 math can even follow. Let's dig into the stats.
Georges St. Pierre's last 5 wins/opponents:

Jon Fitch: 13-1*
BJ Penn: 16-7 (finished 2x)*
Thiago Alves: 12-4 (finished 2x)*
Dan Hardy: 4-2 (finished 1x)*
Josh Koscheck: 13-5 (finished 2x)*

*The above are only UFC records, and do not include No Contests.

That's a total of 58 wins and 19 losses, combined for a total of 77 fights. In 77 fights those 5 fighter have been finished a total of 7 times. One of those finishes was BJ Penn losing by way of Technical Knockout to Georges St. Pierre himself, when he wasn't able to make the start of the 5th round, and claimed to be walking unconscious since the 2nd. So essentially that makes 6 times that these 5 fighters have been finished by submission or knockout in 77 fights.

Now let's attack that number from a different angle. Georges St. Pierre has approximately 39% finishes at 8 in 21 wins. Take away his last 5 wins in a row (4 by decision, on by (T)KO) and he's amassed 7 finishes in 16 fights. Almost 50%. So again, that's a current finishing record of about 40%, and of about 50% before his last 5 fights. And of those 5 fighters he defeated, they have only been finished 6 times in almost 80 fights (12.6% of the time). Sinking in?

So with numbers like this, I find it extremely hard to understand why mixed martial arts fans cannot see what is right in front of them. Is it lack of education? A case of 'livin in the now', and they don't seem to reminisce on the fights passed one or two years ago? Or simply they are drinking too much Haterade?

Whatever the case may be, it seems quite obvious that we can be sure of one thing:

"Women lie, Men lie, numbers don't lie"
-Lil Wayne



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