FanPost interview exclusive with Gray Maynard

I was recently lucky enough to get a little time with LW #1 contender Gray Maynard.  With all the media requests and training for his January first title fight, the interview was very short, so I got the questions out that I thought the fans would want the answers to.  Enjoy:

MMBB:  Gray thanks for your time, how is training going for the title fight against Frankie Edgar?

Maynard:  Going great!  Making some small adjustments and getting geared up for Jan. 1st

MMBB:  Do you go into this fight with a different mind set knowing you've already beaten Frankie?

Maynard:  No different mindset than any other fight.  I prepare to be the best fighter I am and him bringing his best game.  I always expect a tough fight and coming out of there with a win.

MMBB:  You were on BJ Penn's team for TUF, have you asked him for any info on Frankie now as opposed to when you fought him?

Maynard:  No, the tapes show everything.  I feel confident with the game plans we come up with.

MMBB:  Some fans wanted me to ask, where does the nickname "Bully" come from?

Maynard:  In college I knew a guy that had a couple pit-bulls and a bull terrier.  I ended up stealing the bull terrier because they were stuck in the back yard and he would fight them and shit like that.  So I stole him. I didn’t know what the fuck I was gonna do with a dog in college.  Obviously he had no manners whatsoever.  He was a backyard brawler dog, muscle, testosterone, you know.  I had a lot of incidents but I learned how to train the dog, and he was always “the bully.”  So I just got the nickname “The Bully” because I had a dog that was a bully and I’d go so hard when I trained.  It’s more a joke.  I’m not really a bully, but if we fight, you better believe I’ll be a bully.  I like to think of it now, that I “Bully” my way to my goals!

MMBB:  Obviously Greg Jackson has been defending his camp about being boring, I've spoken to him and Jon Fitch about this and basically got the same answer, how do you react or what do you think when people say Gray Maynard is a boring fighter?

Maynard:  I feel I’ve gone up against all the top competition in the UFC.  I had to put together a good game plan and implement it.  The competition is getting closer and closer.  It’s the small details that will win the big fights!

  Will you be able to make the 145 pound weight class now that it'll be in the UFC?

Maynard:  I’m a pretty big 155er, that hasnt even crossed my mind.

MMBB:  Thanks for your time, anyone you want to acknowledge or thank?

Maynard:  Dethrone, HiTech Pharmaceuticals, Xtreme Couture, Xcap, my family, friends, and fans!   Also check out the only place to buy the new “Bully Brand” T shirt!

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