Video of 'Mayhem' Miller allegedly assaulting MMA website videographer

Michael Mardones, videographer for MMA website, today posted on his version of events surrounding his earlier claim that he had been assaulted by Miller at the opening of Rafael Cordeiro's new gym.

In his message, published on the UG, Mardones claimed he had been invited by Cordeiro to film a commercial at the opening of the gym which included a presentation of black belts to a range of students including none other than Mayhem Miller.

Mardones, a self-confessed "homie" of Nick Diaz, admitted he had exchanged what he described as "jokes and fun" with Miller at a previous shoot and via twitter regarding a showdown with Diaz.

You can read the entire post here.

You can see a good quality video of the incident here.

The MiddleEasy twitter account posted the following message regarding the incident and Mardones intention to file charges:

If you follow me on Twitter, then you're well aware that yesterday, Mayhem Miller allegedly assaulted someone and there is video of it. The rumor is a member of the media 'set-up' the assault. I've talked to the person who was allegedly assaulted by Mayhem Miller and he plans on filing charges."

Personally, im not sure where I stand on this one and I am intrigued to hear others thoughts. Judging by Mardones online activites (eg his youtube channel, ug profile etc) he is a huge fan of the Diaz/Stockton clique. In the video, Miller identifies him as a member of the Diaz camp and Mardones states that Diaz is his 'homie'.

I can understand why Miller might be frustrated to see somebody that so vocally supports the Diaz "crew" and has taunted Miller in the past (in jest or otherwise) turn up at "his" gym on the day he is receiving his blackbelt.

I also think threatening to "sue" somebody based on what I saw on the camera is ridiculous. The fact is the kid stuck around for the rest of the ceremony after Mayhem had "assaulted" him.

But at the same time, I think it was pretty poor form on Mayhems behalf to intimidate the guy like that.

Firstly, if the claims are true, the guy was there at the request of the Cordeiro, or at the very least had his permission to be there to film a promotion.

Secondly, even if he was some punk off the street that had called Miller a scumbag, I don't think responding like Miller did is the right thing to do...particular given his status as a professional athlete.

I guess this leads us to this whole conundrum about the responsibilities of being a professional athlete and role-model and the fact that alot of the time these responsibilities that are an inherent part of being a famous athlete are thrust upon people who are not capable of handling them.

On the flipside, if Miller was some regular Joe, we wouldn't even have heard about this.

What are your thoughts? 

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