The case for GSP/ Silva at a catchweight: Updated (/revisited)

Here's an article of mine here on BE, circa April of this year: The Case for GSP/ Silva at a catchweight

Cliff notes:

- Catchweight superfights are commonplace in MMA.  Franklin, Diaz, and several other name fighters have had marquee catchweight bouts in major orgs like the UFC & StrikeForce.

- Both St. Pierre & Silva are at the apex of their divisions & the height of their careers, a fight between the 2 would not only have enormous relevance in the fight game, but would be huge business for all parties involved, and is what the fans (aka the buying customers) want.

- Both men & their management have expressed interest in not only fighting eachother, but GSP has stated that he'd like to move up in weight, and Anderson has said that he'd be willing to move down to fight St. Pierre, even going so far as to say that he'd cut to 170.

- Meeting in the middle (177.5, to be anal & exact) would mitigate the problems posed by their discrepancy in weight class; Anderson has weighed in as low as 182 (against Maia) and 4.5 more pounds wouldn't be out of the question, but he wouldn't pack the hellacious punching power he seems to have at the higher weights.  GSP has said that he is normally around 195ish, and actively trying to put on muscle, so he would be comfortable and lean at that weight.

- 5 round fights are allowed in non- title bouts.  NSAC to allow limited non-title 5 round bouts  And naturally, a fight of that magnitude would likely be in Vegas anyway.

New Developments:

- GSP defended his title once more against Koscheck, and in more exciting/ damaging fashion than against Hardy.  Congruently, Anderson retained his title again as well (against Sonnen), and in a fight that was much more exciting, competitive, and dramatic for the fans; Anderson's display of heart and his epic comeback endeared him to the fans, and put him back into the good graces of the MMA community.

- Since both men are now in better standing with the fans, it seems like this fight has some momentum.  GSP just recently stated that he wants to hold belts in 2 divisions- GSP: I Would Consider Holding Two Titles At Once, but really,  I don't think 185 is his optimal weight class.  He looks (and obviously performs) great at 170.

- In the meantime, their respective divisions can come up with a real legit challenger.  At Welterweight, Jon Fitch & Jake Shields have equally legitimate, but also equally unexciting cases for a title shot against the Kingpin French- Canadian virtuoso.  At Middleweight, Vitor Belfort is an intriguing style matchup for Anderson, but hasn't really done much to deserve the title shot, whereas the oft chided Yushin Okami has made a solid case for deserving a title shot.  The solution?  Fitch vs. Shields, and Okami vs. Belfort (which was actually supposed to happen at UFC 122) to clearly define a worthy challenger in either division, and voila- you can put together Rush/ Spider.

"But Elliot," you say,  "Dana has openly stated that he's against 5 round non- title fights."  To which I respond, "Yes, that's true, but Dana's argument was extremely weak,"   Dana on 5 round non- title fights

I was saying [last week] I wish this was a five-round fight, Nogueira and Couture, and there's been other fights, too, that I've wished were five rounds," White said prior to UFC 102. "But I'm a purist, man. Title fights are five rounds. When you fight for the title, it's five rounds."

"You know how many times I've been ringside and said, 'God, I wish this was a five-round fight,'" White said after UFC 102. "I did it [on Sunday]. (UFC heavuweight champion) Brock (Lesnar) and I were watching the fight together, and we both said we wish that fight with Nogueira and Couture was five rounds.

"But, I think that's what's so special about fighting for the title. You fight for the title, and it's a five-round fight; you don't, it's a three-round fight.

 and more than anything, Dana listens to $.  An argument this half- hearted and weak could easily be trumped by the incredible amount of money in this fight.

Then, finally- the issue of "P4P," "GOAT," "Baddest man on the planet"- we finally have a definitive way of deciding it.  These men are similar in size, and could comfortably/ reasonably meet in the middle.  Hell, if Dana wants the polish of it being a title fight, make up a freaking title, but it would have to be something epic:



In the end, this fight just has to happen.  This is the Mayweather/ Pacquiao of MMA, and i'd like to think that both fighters being under the same banner will help us avoid the travails of boxing.

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