UFC 124 Results: Georges St. Pierre Outclasses Josh Koscheck

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Georges St. Pierre utterly dominated Josh Koscheck, landing jabs at will and building a varied attack of leg kicks, left hooks, superman punches and take downs from that sharp foundation. 

St Pierre retains his UFC welterweight belt with a 50-45 unanimous decision, taking every round. 

The tone was set when Koscheck refused to touch gloves before the fight. GSP put Koscheck down in the first 20 seconds of the fight, but Koscheck got right back up. GSP landed a jab. Then another. Koscheck stuffed St. Pierre's second shot but GSP continued to land the jab. Then St. Pierre began to add inside leg kicks to the mix. GSP hurt Koscheck with a punch but when GSP shot in, Koscheck caught him with a knee. More jabs from GSP. St. Pierre landed a high kick too. Koscheck lurched forward and drove GSP to the fence. He fought hard for a single leg, then attacking both legs, with 20 seconds left he put GSP on his back. 

After the first round the crowd roared as they saw Koscheck's swollen eye as his corner attended to him. 

GSP came out jabbing in the second. Koscheck seemed to flinch so GSP turned it up, landing a superman jab. More kicks, low and then up  to the body. Koscheck claimed a low blow, but GSP didn't give him much time to milk it and the ref didn't stop the action. Superman punch by GSP. GSP opened up with combinations on the hurting Koscheck. Mixing punches with kicks GSP was dominating utterly when Koscheck suddenly landed a clean uppercut combo. GSP charged forward behind hard punches as the round ended. 

GSP came out jabbing and caught Koscheck early. He tried to shoot in, but Koscheck stuffed it rather easily. As they pummeled in the clinch, Koscheck got double underhooks and looked to take GSP down but GSP recovered better arm position as the crowd roared. They separated and GSP again landed jabs and inside leg kicks, a routine that had become tedious for Koscheck. They clinched and GSP complained to the ref that Koscheck was holding his glove. Dean later warned Koscheck for that. They separated and GSP again peppered with jabs and salted with inside leg kicks. Koscheck charged forward and GSP easily danced aside. More and more strikes landed for GSP, nothing for Koscheck. 

A ringside doctor Joe Rogan referred to as "Cris Cringle" looked closely at Koscheck's right eye between rounds. 

GSP came out in the fourth and opened up with jabs and leg kicks then took Koscheck down. He went for Koscheck's back but Koscheck fought him off. Koscheck then attacked a leg but GSP got free and took his back. GSP kneed Koscheck's injured eye when they clinched standing against the fence. Herb Dean forced a restart with 3:30 left. GSP went back to the leg kicks. Koscheck ate a counter left hook that staggered him then GSP followed up with more and Koscheck was pushed to the ground. He got back up quickly only to eat a left hook and another inside leg kick. Jab. Jab. Jab. GSP tapped away at Koscheck's face like he was pecking at a keyboard. Koscheck tried to throw a high kick late in the round and looked awful. 

Joe Rogan speculated that Koscheck had a fractured orbital between the two final rounds. 

GSP came out aggressive in the final round and landed early with a sharp left hook. The crowd pounded their seats in support of the champion. He answered with more jabs to Koscheck's face. Koscheck fired another bad high kick. GSP landed a mean left hook. Then he landed a hard right behind Koscheck's ear. He shot in for a single leg with two minutes left. Koscheck fought it off but bled from the eye in the clinch. GSP put him down again with 1:21 left and then when Koscheck stood, GSP slammed him back down on his face. Koscheck fought his way back to his feet but it was too late. They separated with 0:30 left and Koscheck threw a feeble spinning kick but GSP ended the fight with his jab and leg kicks.  

The fight will determine the future of one and possibly two UFC divisions. St. Pierre came into UFC 124 looking to beat Koscheck and follow that up with a win over Jake Shields and possibly another over Jon Fitch to effectively clean out the division. The possibility of a mega-fight with middleweight champ Anderson Silva continues to intrigue fans.

For the 33 year-old Koscheck, the fight was do-or-die, UFC boss Dana White made it clear before the fight that if he lost, he wouldn't be getting any more chances to face GSP.


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