Bullshit of the Week (December 5th - 11th)



I've picked 5 dumbest bullshits from this week (Dec. 5th~11th).  Pick your favorite!



1.     Jason Probst


"With two judges scoring the bout 29-28 for Garcia, the third scored it 30-27 for Phan. While it was a close fight, there was no clear reason for giving Phan the first round, where Garcia out-landed him 3-to-1 and dictated most of the action. The second round was clearly Phan's, and the third was pretty much a pick-‘em. "

-       33:30 = 1:3? 35:21 is pick-em?  I really hope Jason Probst Junior doesn’t learn math from his daddy.


2.     Steve Cofield


"…most casual fans will let shaky decisions slide after a few days…. It probably bothers him even more now with MMA as he tries to sell dummies like N.Y. assemblyman Bob Reilly on the notion that the sport is safe and legitimate. It makes it difficult when some of the biggest people around the sport undermine the effort by saying MMA is way short on qualified referees and judges."

-       So what you’re saying is you don’t give a shit about fighters’ records at all … let me ask you a question, are you retarded?


3.     Cesar Gracie Academy


"Despite having previously fought at the 170lbs weight limit, Miller now says that he is unwilling to meet at 178"

-       Mayhem only fought at 170 once and that was FIVE years ago.  Hey Chuck, I think you should call Overeem out to fight at light heavyweight.


4.     Jason "Mayhem" Miller


"Nick Diaz fought at 183lb before"

-       3 words for you buddy; Diaz did not!


5.     Leonard Garcia

"I felt like I kept good pressure … I landed the harder shots. He landed maybe 10 or 11 punches in the first round, and I landed like 30 or 40."

-       Wandy officially loves you, man!  But again, Phan landed more punches than you in FIRST FUCKING ROUND! (and other 2 rounds too)


From got mma?

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