Updating UFC's PPV Production





The UFC does so many things right. It is the undisputed #1 MMA organization in the world for a reason. But its lacking in some very minor departments that if updated could go a long longway in helping UFC and MMA come off as more mainstream, legitimate and truly professional sporting event. Here are just a few of my suggestions.   

*Gladiator intro needs to go away or be completely redone with new music.  Get rid of the cheesy outdated music and opera chants during Tale of the Tapes

*Needs more of a sporting event feel, less nu-metal rock concert, WWE attitude vibe. Face the Pain needs to face the trash can and dive in.  

*Better crowd lightingUFC events are too dark on camera. I'm not saying it needs to be really bright in there but maybe they could add some colored lighting to the audience like Top Rank did with a beautiful blue tint in the Pac/Margs fight.

*New canvas color. The current color is very drab and does not look good in HD. They need something with more pop. I love the blue WEC cage and the logos are still very visible. Boxing mostly uses blue and it works great.   

*Commentators should both wear jackets. Affliction makes sport coats don't they, Rogan? Again this is just part of appealing to an even broader worldwide audience. 

*Add a 3rd man to the commentary. Kenny Florian, Mir or Randy. Someone with real fight experience that actually adds to the fight with different insight.  

*Compustrike or Fight Metric stats. This is a no brainer. Stats are a part of professional sports and MMA should be no different. Giving out the numbers after each fight or round would be great.  

*No prelim fights directly after the main event. Closing comments from Goldy and Rogan immediately after the main event. Sign off with a prelim fight if enough time. Hardcores still get their prelims fight and casuals still get to hear the closing commentary. Right now as it is most people do not stick around for it.  

*National Anthems on Title fights. Every professional sporting event has this. Also, this is a opportunity to get star singers to do guest appearances on UFC PPV's by singing the National Anthem should an American fighter fight for the title.  

It's not a lot but it can go a long way. These changes will not deter the young males but it WILL make the older males take a more serious look at the sport. Why just target the young crowd? If they want the NFL fans and more they will need to up their production. There is absolutely no reason why the Premier MMA company on the planet should come off as second rate or cheap.

Please give your opinion and if you want to do something like at least get the UFC to notice, Retweet and Like it. Thanks.  


*UPDATE 12/12/2010: It seems as though the majority of people are liking most of these ideas except for the National Anthems. No big deal, if we can get at least some of these other things updated it would be great!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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