UFC 124: St. Pierre vs. Koscheck - Live Results and Commentary

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for UFC 124: St. Pierre vs. Koscheck. The live blog will start with the beginning of the preliminary broadcast on UFC.com (9 p.m. ET) and continue through the pay-per-view broadcast (10 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event is headlined by a bout between Georges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck. Co-main eventing the event is a heavyweight match between Stefan Struve and Sean McCorkle.

As always we have our one rule: NO SPOILERS! In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

Scott H. filling in for Brent for the UFC.com fights.

Mark Bocek def. Dustin Hazelett via submission (triangle choke) - R1

Dan Miller vs. Joe Doerksen

Round 1: Miller goes to the body early, but Doerksen connects with some wild haymakers.  Miller complete a takedown, now working to pass. Doerksen working his butterfly guard, but Miller passes to half.  Doerksen grabs a foot and tries to sweep, Miller maintains his base and tries for a guillotine in the scramble but Doerksen defends and ends up back on the bottom.  Miller throws some elbows in Doerksen's full guard.  Doerksen goes high with his legs but there's nothing there, as Miller lands some more elbows.  More of the same mostly as Miller works some short punches and elbows and Doerksen occasionally throws his legs up, but there's no submission to be had.  10-9 Miller.  Round 2: Leg kick by Doerksen to open the round.  Miller charges into another takedown but Doerksen with a nice sweep ends up on top.  A reverse of the first round now as Miller works his guard high, thinking about a triangle, but Doerksen defends.  Miller scrambles to his feet and takes Doerksen down immediately.  Doerksen grabs a kimura trying to sweep, but Miller defends a few tense moments and then muscles out of it.  Hammer-fists from Miller and he passes to half-mount, but Doerksen regains guard and protects his head as the secound round ends once again with Miller in Doerksen's guard.  Doerksen came close with the kimura, but it's still 10-9 Miller again.  Round 3: Miller takes Doerksen down on a kick attempt and immediately has to fend off a triangle, but settles into guard.  Doerksen bleeding pretty steadily from his nose and he gets his feet on Miller's hips to defend the pass.  Miller muscles Doerksen against the cage and drops some elbows but Doerksen spins back towards the center.  Miller passes to half again and starts to drop some stiff short elbows and punches on Doerksen's already-bloodied face.  Doerksen pushes away from the cage but he can't get anything going from his back.  Miller looks like he's bleeding as well and he has to defend a last-second triangle, but he drops some more hammer-fists to seal the deal.  10-9 Miller thanks to a conservative and effective gameplan. Dan Miller defeats Joe Doerksen by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Brent Brookhouse taking back over.

The PPV Broadcast is live. First fight up shortly.

Thiago Alves vs. John Howard - Round 1 - Alves throwing the leg kicks and Alves starts to connect with punches. They're trading and Howard tries for the takedown. Alves with a hard leg kick and then a few punches before getting a really solid takedown. Alves on top in half guard. Alves tries to trap an arm and Howard tries to lock up a leg and they end up standing again. Alves throwing two punch combos and landing hard. Howard is trying to throw leg kicks but Alves is checking them. Left hook by Alves as a counter to a push kick by Howard. Alves with a huge leg kick that hurts Howard, now a punch and a great series of knees. Howard with a leg kick back. Howard with a wide punch and Alves comes inside with a punch that lands. Left hand counter by Alves and he gets out of the way of the return shot. Howard pushes Alves into the cage after getting double underhooks and Alves powers out. Head kick just missed for Alves and then a leg kick. Hard leg kick by Howard. Howard swings away with big punches that all miss and Alves cracks him with another leg kick. 10-9 Alves.

Round 2 - Right hand by Alves and Howard counters with a left. Leg kick by Alves results in an accidental low blow but Howard says he's fine. I had a signal interruption but from what I could tell by the way the round was going Alves was clearly winning it.

Round 3 - More of the same for the first half of this round and Alves drops him with a hard shot to the chin but Howard bounces back up. The guy is very tough. Huge leg kick by Alves. Leg kick by Howard, and he never stops coming forward. Nice pair of punches by Alves and Howard checks a leg kick. Howard is throwing his hands but he's just not getting there and Alves is countering well. Both men miss head kicks. Body kick and a hard leg kick by Alves. Left hand by Alves and he lands a head kick. Howard is trying to come in and throw haymakers and Alves is just slipping him and cracking him with big counters. 10-9 Alves for the sweep on my card.

Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board. Thiago Alves wins by unanimous decision.

Joe Stevenson vs. Mac Danzig - Round 1 - Stevenson comes in with an overhand right that misses and now Stevenson comes forward and gets countered by a jab. Front kick by Danzig now. Overhand right by Stevenson is mostly blocked. A lot of feeling out strikes early. Danzig is trying to counter Stevenson when he comes in and has been mostly successful. Nice punch, leg kick combo by Danzig. Now Stevenson with a hard overhand that staggers him. He tries to follow up and Danzig has recovered. Stevenson comes in again and again Danzig counters with the left and this time Stevenson is out cold! Two hammerfists follow it but they weren't even needed, Joe was o-u-t. Mac Danzig wins by knockout (punch), round 1.

Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira - Round 1 - Head kick by Oliveira misses and he throws it a few more times. Miller with a takedown now against the fence. He'd in half guard and Oliveira is looking for a guillotine and now looking to transition to a triangle when he can't secure it. Miller with a hard elbow. Oliveira is attacking non-stop here and as he's attacking the leg Miller spins into a leg lock and Oliveira is forced to tap out. Tremendous! Jim Miller wins by submission (kneebar), round 1.

Stefan Struve vs. Sean McCorkle - Round 1 - McCorkle jumping forward wanting to grab onto Struve. Right hand by Struve and McCorkle takes him down. McCorkle looking for a kimura. Struve tries to spin and he gets out. McCorkle is in side control now. Struve rolls and gets guard. McCorkle is looking like he's slowing down already. Right hand by McCorkle and some hammerfists. These punches are awful from the top. Struve looking to lock up an armbar but McCorkle gets out. McCorkle is breathing really heavy now. Struve locks up an arm and rolls him into mount. Struve is laying into him and the ref has to stop the fight. McCorkle is bleeding badly from the nose. McCorkle looked awful once the kimura didn't work out. Stefan Struve wins by TKO (strikes from mount), round 1.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck - Round 1- The crowd is going nuts, they don't touch gloves and we're underway. Jab by GSP lands. Another jab and GSP drives through with a double leg. Koscheck stands up using the cage. Koscheck looks a little thrown off by the speed again. Right hand by GSP and a hard jab. Koscheck throws a punch and GSP tries for a takedown but Kos defends. Koscheck has a small cut under his eye. Kos with a reckless punch. Hard right hand by GSP and he shoots. Koscheck defends and lands a knee. Hard jab again. These jabs are so beautiful and so under-utilized in MMA. Big right hand by GSP and a big jab. Kos winging the right hand and missing again. Leg kick by GSP and a jab, now a left hand. Hard jab again. Koscheck is really hurting and swollen and bloodied. Koscheck shoots and St. Pierre is defending. Koscheck dropping down for the double and GSP is finally on his back with 15 seconds left.  Koscheck manages to land one punch before the round ends. 10-9 GSP clearly.

Round 2 - Koscheck's right eye is badly damaged as he comes out of his corner. Superman punch by GSP. Back to the jabs. All Koscheck is doing is looking to unload the overhand right. Big jab again. Hard leg kick now by Georges. Hard leg kick again. Right hand by GSP now. Superman jab again by Georges. Body kick by GSP and a big right hand. Another right hand lands hard. Koscheck is way out of his league here, it's not even fair. GSP firing combos and Koscheck finally lands with a hard uppercut. Leg kick and a few more jabs by GSP who actually looks like the fact that he ate the uppercut and was fine may have motivated him. 10-9 GSP again. Not even close.

Round 3 - GSP wastes no time with going back to the jab and then a hard right hand. Koscheck trying to come forward but he's getting stuck when he does it. St. Pierre shoots and Kos defends. GSP grinding knees into the inside of Koscheck's legs. The same area he's been targeting with the leg kicks. GSP drops down for the double and still can't finish the takedown. They're back to the middle of the cage with GSP landing the jab. GSP pushes him into the cage again and again they're back to space. Hard leg kick by GSP. Koscheck continues to get hit by punches and now he misses a head kick. Koscheck shoots and ends up stumbling forward as GSP already moved. 10-9 round for GSP again.

Round 4 - The doctor wants to look at Koscheck's badly swollen eye so Joe Rogan freaks out about how they better not stop it. Even though that's why we have doctors ringside, so that if a fighter can't see or is injured their safety is looked out for. GSP with a flurry of kicks and punches. And a takedown now. He looks for Koscheck's back, Kos goes for a leg and GSP ends up on top but they're back to standing. Koscheck keeps winging the overhand and now gets countered by a left hand. Another big left hook by GSP and he follows it with another leg kick. Double jab and they both land to the face of Koscheck. More jabs. Two more jabs and a right hand. Left hook again. Koscheck's mouth is held weird, he may have a broken jaw. Head kick is missed. 10-9 GSP. Any of these could be 10-8 if you wanted. It doesn't matter. GSP is crushing him.

Round 5 - GSP just keeps jabbing away and Koscheck is unable to do anything here. Hard leg kick by GSP and a huge left hook. Koscheck is at least proving that he's tough. Stiff jab again. The Fight Metric report of this fight is going to be something else. GSP with a right hand and Koscheck with an overhand right that misses badly. GSP with a brief takedown and Koscheck bounces back up. The eye is bleeding badly now too. Worst spinning heel kick in the history of history by Koscheck and he gets smacked with a jab. Two more hard punches and the fight is over. The two men hug and exchange words. Anything less than GSP 50-45 is criminal.

Official Scorecards: 50-45 across the board. Georges St. Pierre remains the UFC welterweight champion with a unanimous decision victory.


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