Five Holiday Fights: Santa Set to Deliver Cage Fighting Action for MMA Fans

Another month, another collection of awesome fights. Have you been naughty? Nice? It doesn't really matter - you're getting a great collection of fights this holiday season either way. These are my five favorite fights of the month. Share yours in the comments and in our poll.

5. Yuki Kondo vs. Rikuhei Fujii 12/5/2010 (Tokyo, Japan)

Yuki Kondo is one of the true legends of Japanese MMA. Bridging the gap between old school and new, Kondo has faced everyone from Frank Shamrock and Masakatsu Funaki to rising stars Rikuhei Fujii and Roger Gracie. Kondo fell to Fujii in a Cage Force bout earlier this year. Now the former King Of Pancrase is looking for revenge on his home turf.

4. Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis 12/16/10 (Glendale, Arizona)

It's fitting that the WEC's final show would also feature its biggest fight. Sure, Urijah Faber starred in some epic contests, including high profile wins over Jens Pulver. But nothing can match the prize at stake here: a shot at the UFC Lightweight title and a potnetial UFC main event. I hope both guys enjoy this fight. The WEC was a great promotion, but for lightweights it was definitely a small pond. The winner of this one will soon be swimming in uncharted waters.

3. Kouichirou Matsumoto vs. SHOJI 12/11/10 (Tokyo, Japan)

Kouichirou Matsumoto is one of Japan's rising stars, a featherweight with the potential to make a big splash. His main sponsor is famous Japanese comedian Koji Imada who helps give Matsumoto leave to be a bit of a womanizing goofball. Shoji Marayuma is a fighter with a wicked standup game, so it should be a pretty exciting fight for the always exciting DEEP promotion.

2. Matt Lindland vs. Robbie Lawler 12/4/10 (St. Louis, Missouri)

Seventeen years in, and this tried and true matchup never gets old: grappler versus striker. Lindland was once one of the very best middleweights in the world. Can he return to form? Lawler is an opponent tailor made for his clinch em up and take em down style. If Lindland can't win here, I'm afraid his days as a top fighter are done.

1. Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck 12/11/10 (Montreal, Canada)

Lame to pick the biggest fight of the month, possibly the year, first? Lame, Lame, Lame. But, in all honesty, tell me this fight doesn't have you a little stir crazy already? It's going to be amazing to hear the Canadian fans light up Koscheck and then go crazy for St. Pierre. And then they will fight. Has Koscheck grown enough to dethrone St. Pierre? Will the Canadian control where the fight takes place again? Or can Koscheck reestablish his wrestling dominance? I can't wait to find out.

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