Mayweather's racist rant didn't kill boxing. Joe Rogan is killing MMA?

It is hilarious that people are trying to keep this debate alive by trying to claim that, "Oh, Joe Rogan is hurting MMA when he says dirty offensive words!!" or "Rogan should do more to promote a positive image of MMA!"

It's hard not to laugh or question one's grasp on reality when you read things like that.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. just recently went on a racist anti-Asian tirade to try to belittle Manny Pacquiao. Oh, and he beats up women.

Tiger woods had filthy, filthy sex with every blonde stripper and pornstar from L.A. to Miami and detailed most of it in text messages that were shown on CNN.

Michael Vick had dogs maul themselves to death for fun and profit.

Rampage Jackson, Dana White, Paul Daley, and some guy from the WEC  have all used the same slur Joe Rogan used.

Have any of these people done irreparable damage to their respective sport?

When and If MMA reaches the level of attention that Boxing has in the mainstream press will any kind of comment like that destroy this sport?

NO. Seriously, No.

And Joe Rogan isn't even a fighter, and wasn't even on the clock when he called Tomas Rios a bundle of sticks.

In short, Calm down you freaks. Alpha males, fighters, and sportsmen will always do and say things that are outside the bounds of polite society. Call it boys being boys if you will, but can we please stay on topic?

Joe Rogan is goddamn blue comedian who says disgusting things every week and gets paid for it. His podcast is sponsored by Fleshlight for gods sake. And yes, they do have a complete line of male themed toys. Just check out the Mr. Limpy!

It's like getting pissed off at George Carlin for something he said on a forum if he happened to have had a job doing play-by-play on some boxing matches. Wouldn't have that been epic by the way?

Joe Rogan is constantly attacked by people who are jealous of his job. A gaggle of no talent hacks who write for small MMA websites and blogs that constantly criticize his every insight and comment from every UFC like Star Wars nerds arguing over if Han Solo really shot first.

Eventually the guy is going to snap and get ugly.

Wouldn't you?

If you were doing your job with a high level of competence from a position of experience and some wannabe keyboard jockey was thumbing his nose at you at every opportunity?

Tomas Rios is a hack who has a limited knowledge of MMA, insults hardworking fighters, and ultimate trolls our entire community when we take our focus off his incompetence. Lets leave the debates over politically correct speech to the Huffington post and stick to what we know please.


And if you don't know squat about fighting, or what a question mark kick is, don't pretend you're a blogger/journalist.


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