Georges St. Pierre's Manager Talks About the Champion's Future

Georges St. Pierre's manager, Shari Spencer, talked to Tapology in a new piece they have up on their site. The focus of the conversation is on GSP's future in the sport. Some interesting quotes from the conversation.

On fighters trash talking GSP:

"From a fight perspective, yes I do think it’s a poor decision because it’s going to motivate him even more than it already would," Spencer said. "From a business standpoint it may also be a poor decision because—since Georges is such a popular guy—his opponents often lose fans for attacking him, so from a personal marketing perspective it’s not super wise to go against Georges."

And on GSP possibly moving up in weight:

"I think the Matt Serra experience taught him a lot, and I see that even when he is a heavy favorite there is no change in the routine," Spencer said. "He takes everybody just as seriously. People get bored of him saying, ‘This is the toughest fight of my life’ in all of his interviews, but he really does believe that or he has to believe that to be motivated. In the future, I think there is a risk there, but I think there is enough discussion about him moving up in weight, and that would obviously create new challenges."


"I think it’s inevitable; I just think it’s a matter of when," Spencer said. "When and if Georges decides to move up, it will be a permanent move and I think that is what’s difficult to ascertain regarding the timing of the move."

Spencer is very careful in how she handles the subject of Georges' future. Will he move up? Yes. When will he move up? When the time is right.

It's odd to say given his position as a mega-star in the sport and the fact that he is 20-2 and has avenged both of his losses, but Georges is is one of the toughest positions in the entire sport. He is incredibly dominant, with lopsided wins over #2, #3 and #4 in the SB Nation rankings and has not been in legitimate trouble in a fight since the upset loss to Matt Serra in April 2007.

He can remain at 170 for as long as he wants and so long as he doesn't have an incredible lapse in concentration and get caught in a moment that reminds everyone of the previously mentioned Serra fight. A large segment of MMA fans fooled themselves into believing that a guy like Jake Shields may come into the UFC and have the right game to give GSP problems, but instead we see Shields have to scrape out a narrow win over Martin Kampmann.

St. Pierre could also risk a move up to 185 pounds which would please the fans greatly, but also put him in much more danger to lose. And this is a sport with an incredibly fickle fanbase that is always in a rush to write off a man coming off a recent loss as "overrated."

There is an incredible amount of both risk and reward in both his staying at welterweight and his moving up to middleweight. What is the right move for GSP's future?


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