Marcus Sursa discusses backstage fight with Donald Cerrone



Marcus "Money" Sursa is a fighter who's been known for never backing down from a challenge.  He's taken fights on as little as 2 days notice, had to deal with last minute opponent switches and has faced numerous UFC veterans throughout his career.  A couple weeks ago he made headlines when a backstage brawl with UFC/WEC lightweight Donald Cerrone broke out before Sursa's main event fight at Evolution Combat Sports 1 in New Mexico which forced "Money" to have to back out of the main event fight with Buddy Roberts.

Marcus was kind enough to stop by my show "The Verbal Submission" and tell a little bit about his side of the story.

Brian Hemminger: I was wondering, what it's like backstage at an event like that?

Marcus Sursa: I'm glad you asked me that question man because you know, it's upsetting to me, man, because my girlfriend didn't get to come backstage, and I didn't get to have anybody come backstage and they made it real clear before we were fighting.  It was their [Evolution's] first show and they have this event center so there were a lot of ways to get backstage I guess, but they made it real clear: no girlfriends, no family, nobody that doesn't have a pass needs to be back here, none of this.

I was in where I was supposed to be, I was in the back in the locker room and, man, I was ready to fight man, you know what I mean?  And, if something's said, if there's some altercation, you know, he wasn't supposed to be back there.  They didn't have a pass, he didn't have anything, they didn't have no reason to be back there.  They weren't warming anybody up.  There was no reason for them to be back there.  That's the whole situation man.

BHYou used to train over at Jackson's a little bit

MS: I lived with those guys in the first Tapout house.  I lived in Jackson's, I trained there for 8 months.  I moved from the Tapout house, I moved from Leonard and Donald's house and I moved in with Demacio Page, the Angel of Death.

BHWas there any bad blood between you and Donald before that?

MS: No, truly not man.  And I can't really go too much into what happened because well, a couple people, you know they run it by and it's over.  I can't really comment on the situation too much but there's no bad blood between us man.  I have nothing against them.  If anyone wants to see my girlfriend, go to my facebook page, Marcus Sursa facebook (laughs).  A little shoutout man.

I'm telling ya man, my girlfriend's beautiful.  Ashley Williams, this girl's amazing.  I don't have nothing wrong with nobody.  I've got this girl on my arm, I don't care who he's with.  Everybody's saying this and that, and it's all stupid but yeah man, it was very stupid what happened and I wish I could take that back but you know I didn't go out into the crowd and look for those people.  I was in my locker room and he was standing in front of my locker room, it was an unavoidable situation.  It was a very crappy deal what happened and it messed up our show.

We lost the main event in the very first Evolution's Combat and now very graciously, Martin and those guys that own the show are gonna have me back on as the main event for Evolution 2 and they apologized to me.  He goes, "Marcus, I do logistics in the military and I cannot believe that those guys got back there without my knowledge and got past the security."  They did some ninja stuff, I don't know how they got back there.  It ended up messing up our main event and it cut my cornea.

I could have fought, but then Buddy Roberts camp came in and said "Man, we can't fight you with a cut cornea because if we win people are gonna say 'Oh, it was because of your eye' and if you beat us, it makes us look bad.  So we just can't do the fight man, we're gonna have to do it on the next show."  They graciously, they gave us our show money and helped us out and they apologized.  They've really been awesome.  Evolution Combat's man, those guys are grade A professionals, man, for sure.

BHSo are you saying you're still going to do the Buddy Roberts fight at Evolution 2?

MS: Yeah that's the plan.  I was ready for that fight and I think he was scared man.  He was shakin in his boots back in the back, his insides were coming out.  He wouldn't even look at me.  I had trained hard for that fight.  I'm training with Tim Kennedy and you know that guy, he's a monster at 185, he's an American hero.  I think he beat Souza for the title.  I can't see how you win in the takedowns, you win in the striking, you win in everything and you lose the fight.  The judges decisions out here are just nuts man.

BHHow bad was the cut, did it require stitches or anything?

MS: No, it was on my eyeball.  He didn't cut my eye, he had a ring on.  I didn't think he was gonna punch me.  I was like "you know, man he's my buddy.  I'll take care of this after it's over."  I thought it was no big deal, chess match, you know, bump each other in the chest.  All of the sudden man, my eye, I couldn't see out of my eye.

He clocked me in the eyeball and I didn't even have my eyes shut and I'm guessing he had a ring or something on.  He's got itty bitty knuckles.  He's a 155 pounder.  His whole fist is as big as my eyeball so it got me in the eyeball and I couldn't see or anything and it was burning like crazy.  The only reason I couldn't see because it was burning cuz' I cut my cornea.

It's all better now, I got some eyedrops, my girl been rehabbing me, I'm better now.  It just burns my butt because I was ready for Buddy Roberts and now he seen how intense I get at the fights man and I guarantee he went home and ran 10 miles that night.  He was saying "thank you God I didn't have to fight that animal".  I was ready to kill him, maybe not kill him but I was ready to give 100% man.  I trained 6 weeks.

BHHow exactly do you rehab a cornea cut on your eye?

MS: Nothing, they just put this pirate patch on your eye.  You know, it was perfect for Halloween.  I just went as a pirate everywhere.  I had this stupid patch on.  It was ridiculous man, and he [Cerrone] was blowing kisses to me in the audience and stuff, oh my God.  I was telling ya, I don't have any bad blood against the guy but I pray for him every day.

So they gave me these heavy eye drops.  The eye drops healed me man.  Two days and it's better.  I got cleared on Thursday.  I almost took a fight in Canada, for MFC.  I was almost in a fight with those guys but they pulled me out because they got a replacement.  It looks like we might be doing the Bellator tournament for the 185.  I might go to the 185 tournament next year.

BHYou think you could actually make the 185 cut again?

MS: Yeah, for $100,000, I'm gonna make the drop.  It's always been questionable if I should fight at 185 or 205.  I've always felt more comfortable fighting at 205 but after the fight with Buddy Roberts.  I'm gonna fight him in December for Evolution Combat and after the fight I'm gonna go to 185 for the tournament for Bellator.

Originally posted on the Examiner, part 2 coming soon

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