Idiot Father Blames UFC For Son Being Choked Unconscious

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. It happened in wrestling with Lionel Tate, the teenager who brutally beat to death a 6 year-old girl. A zealous defense lawyer tried to say that the boy was imitating moves he saw "The Rock" use in the WWF. It caused an outcry against the "sport" from some parents who felt that the violent images of pro wrestling were influencing their children. Now that same finger-pointed has targeted the UFC.

A MARCOOLA father has warned other parents about the dangers of homicidal video games and blood sports after learning his 13-year-old son choked a classmate unconscious.

The father said he had no idea his son was engaged in a dangerous Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)-inspired "game" called tap-out until the incident at Coolum State High last week.

Wishing to stay anonymous but determined to get his message across, the father said he had now banned his son from watching bloodthirsty video games and movies, as well as the popular UFC.

"They're developing young adults and this (violent behaviour) is not a character trait you want them to grow into

and carry forward into adulthood."

It was only a matter of time before some child got hurt "Imitating" in an incident that could be tangentially related to MMA and have it backlash on the sport. I hate to break it to this parent but we were choking each other out back before we knew who Royce Gracie was. Kids play these games. We've been doing so forever. Remember "Kill the man with the ball"? The game where whoever has the football gets tackled as hard as possible. With no pads. I'm not trivializing the young boy's experience at all, my point is, these games, this game in particular, predates the UFC. It's disingenuous to try and correlate the two. 

What you SHOULD do is since your son has a fascination with choking and being choked is sign him up for a BJJ class or two. Let him learn technique and discipline. Do this before he goes out like David Carradine, dead in a hotel after hanging himself trying to enhance his orgasms. 


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