How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of November


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"Exciting news coming soon! Time to get back on the horse..."  -Renzo Gracie, is hopping on that 8-sided horse?

"I'll be there in 5 min. If not, read this again."  -Frank Trigg

"At the age of 29 my mum and dad have just told me off for swearing on my pre fight interview,lmao"  -Andre Winner

"There are three things I love in the world: 1) Kylie Minogue. 2) The small dimples just above a womans buttocks. 3) The fear in a mans eye who knows I'm about to hurt him."  -Miguel Torres

"Somebody asked me what I was for halloween I said fat Rich Franklin"  -Forrest Griffin

"Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking ;-) good night"  -Renzo Gracie

"Forrest I got to be honest with you... People say this to me its usually followed by something I dont want to here. You do not, in fact dont"  -Forrest Griffin

"There are two things everyone needs in this world: an awesome haircut and a good man. I am both, your welcome."  -Miguel Torres

"Stefan Struve forgot about 9/11... There's no way a dirty communist like Struve beats an American patriot like me. Freedom always wins, Struve. And these colors don't run! ...Stefan Struve hates me because of my freedom"  -Sean McCorkle, my oh my... it this the new material you promised?

"Tomorrow, I finally get 2 go home. Can't wait, 29 more days until PAY DAY!!! ($) + i get 2 fight! How can life get better? Good Nights."  -Josh Koscheck

"I've been watching TUF 12 and for a trash talker Koscheck's batter is so weak"  -Andre Winner

"@Firas_Zahabi is training St. Pierre like a beast. So many good training partners at Tristar."  -Miguel Torres


"The arm today."  -Jesse Juarez, broke his arm and leg on his last fight, but MFC won't pay for his surgery because he went back to the US.


"Post Fight Hairdo"  -Urijah Faber


"Don't laugh 2 hard, its really me... I look like the kid from the "life cereal" #mma #ufc commercials"  -Mike Guymon, you're asking too much from us. ;)


"@JokerGuymon never thought i would say this but you were cute. In a non creepy way hahaha"  -Bart Palaszewski

"THAT'S SOME BULLSHIT!"  -Stephan Bonnar


"Ninja socks. Fear me."  -Jon Fitch


"New ink from the other month - still needs touched more. Most people won't like it or understand it - that's life."  -Mac Danzig, got a Bad Religion tattoo.


"And the other new one... pretty self explanatory..."  -Mac Danzig, and his nipple.


"In sept. I was talking about taking photos near Laguna in SoCal at sunset... Here's one of the shots I took.."  -Mac Danzig, is also a VERY talented photographer. You can check out his other work at




"Thought id show my man @miketyson the pic I got hangin in my crib.."  -Kimbo Slice


"Hey @KimboSlice I'm truly honored with the painting. Seriously man, thanks for the love from one warrior to another."  -Mike Tyson

"@MikeTyson nothin but the upmost respect for you my man.. B well and I hope we can get up sometime soon.."  -Kimbo Slice

"Best feeling is being back home..."  -Kimbo Slice, came from a trip to Thailand




"You know, I was missing something. But then I found out I needed a rival. I never trained as hard as the time I fought (Ricardo) Arona. But now, I want (Vitor) Belfort, and I'm already trained for you. I'm gonna get you, you'll see!"  -Wanderlei Silva


And his new t-shirt:





"Total chill nt in bev hills w my most important person <3"  -Rachelle Leah



Not a tweet, but Rachelle recently changed her profile pic for Twitter and Facebook:



"If I had a mug would look like this..but that would never happen... ;) haha see u soon Germany!"  -Arianny Celeste


"My shirt is def see thru..good thing I wore a bra is see thru too! FAIL!! Haha picking up the girlies..I'm hungggrryy!"  -Arianny Celeste, and this is another reason why I prefer Natasha and Logan.

"Long day @ Guess.. Im taking the hot pink lips home with me ;)"  -Logan Stanton, everybody spam @danawhite, and tell him to #BringLoganandNatashaBack


"What a night! Didn't know I would be dancing for Pit Bull's album release party at Haze! :)"  -Natasha Wicks


"Just had my color did... Enjoy the straight hair, its only for the day ;)"  -Natasha Wicks




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