UFC 122 Results: Krzysztof Soszynski Beats Goran Reljic

Krzysztof Soszynski took a unanimous decision over Goran Reljic at UFC 122, scoring 30-27 on all three judges' cards.

Both men came out in southpaw stances, trading leg kicks and jabs early. Reljic looked to capitalize on his reach advantage. Soszynski charged in behind hooks,l scoring with a straight left, but got dropped by a high kick. He managed to cut Reljic though. Soszynski charged forward landing more right hooks. Reljic shot in for a take down, but Soszynski stuffed him and forced a clinch against the fence. The ref restarted the action. Reljic finally got a take down with a little over one minute left. Soszynski immediately went for a kimura. But Reljic fought to resist and held it off until time expired.

Soszynski landed a sharp body kick to open the second. Reljic timed a punching combo and shot in for a successful take down, landing in Soszynski's guard. Soszynski worked for wrist control and forced a stale mate on the ground which prompted a restart. More trading before Soszynski shot for a take down, forcing a clinch against the cage. Each fighter forced reversals against the fence but neither got a take down or scored much damage. Soszynski began landing knees to Reljic's legs before another restart. Reljic quickly shot in and forced another clinch against the fence to end the round.

They came out trading in the third. Reljic shot again and got stuffed, leaving Soszynski on top with head control. Soszynski spun to the back and landed punches to Reljic's head. Reljic rolled for a knee bar, but Soszynski stuffed it, landing more shots to the head. Reljic rolled to his back, but Soszynski landed more shots. Reljic fought back to his feet and immediately shot for another take down only to get stuffed again. Soszynski went for another kimura from standing position. But Reljic fought free. Soszynski fired off jabs and Reljic flopped to his back. Soszynski dropped to side control and landed more shots to the face. Reljic got back to half guard but Soszynski finished the fight with a flurry of ground and pound from the top.

Both fighters came into UFC 122 off a loss.

Krzysztof Soszynski came in on a 1-2 run after splitting a pair of fights with Stephan Bonnar and losing to Brandon Vera at UFC 102.

His early run of UFC wins over Shane Primm, former WEC champion Brian Stann, and IFL veteran Andre Gusmao will probably insure the survival of The Ultimate Fighter season eight semi-finalist.

Goran Reljic came into UFC 122 on a two-fight losing streak with a high likelihood of being cut with a loss today. His sojourn at middleweight went badly, resulting in losses to Kendall Grove and C.B. Dollaway.

As a courtesy to our American readers who may be waiting to watch the fights tape delayed on Spike TV, we will be posting the full results after the jump.


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