MFC 27: Breaking Point - Live Results and Commentary

via strives to bring fans what they crave. Major mixed martial arts event, regional cards, and even the occasional trainwreck. If it's online or on television, we'll cover it. Tonight, we'll head to the River Cree Resort & Casino outside of Edmonton, Alberta for MFC 27: Breaking Point. The card will be headlined by a welterweight title showdown featuring touted prospects Douglas Lima and Jesse Juarez. UFC veterans Pete Spratt, Razaak Al-Hassan, and Rodney Wallace will also make appearances.

The event will air live on HDNet at 10:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CST. Join us for complete results and commentary.

And we're live!

Michael Schiavello and Frank Trigg take the reigns. Some interviews to start. Lima and Juarez talk about their bad blood, Lima says a video they posted about how he's one-dimensional started the heat. Let's get started.

Douglas Lima (16-4) vs. Jesse Juarez (15-5) [WW title]

Round 1: Jaurez starts the round with leg kicks, and Lima tries to answer but misses. Juarez shoots, hits the ropes, then slams him to the floor. Lima on his back, trying to maintain Juarez's posture. Juarez reigning elbows, but nothing that stuns Lima. Lima can't stop Juarez, and Juarez throws some heavy blows from the top. Lima cannot do much with the limited space in the corner, and Juarez is controlling him. Juarez wins the round easily. scores it 10-9 Juarez.

Round 2: Round starts and Juarez shoots and takes down Lima immediately. Juarez basically controls Lima on the floor, and eventually, the referee stands them up. Only two minutes left. Juarez immediately shoots, and Lima works for a guillotine He gives it up, and Juarez is on top once again. Not much offense from Juarez here, and Lima suddenly throws the triangle up. Juarez escapes easily, and now sits in his guard. Uneventful, but Juarez wins the round. scores it 10-9 Juarez.

Round 3: Lima throws kicks to start to slow down Juarez, but Juarez is hunting him down. Juarez shoots, presses him to the ropes, and lifts. Lima is down, and on his back once again. Lima gets the omoplata and tries to reverse it, but Juarez maintains. Lima slaps a triangle, but Juarez escapes it and regains top control. Lima finally transitions back to the triangle, then transitions to the straight armbar. Finishes Juarez. 

Douglas Lima def. Jesse Juarez via submission (armbar), Round 3 (2:37)

Welterweight: Ryan Ford (12-3) vs. Pete Spratt (21-18) 

Round 1: Here we go... Ford throws a high head kick, misses. Spratt feints and Ford throws, misses. Spratt using footwork to avoid Ford's aggression. Ford is just throwing bombs, and missing. Ford shoots, and Spratt rolls Ford over him and takes side control. Nicely done. Spratt doing nothing in this position, but Ford can't buck out. After about a minute, Ford gets back to his feet, and they clinch. Seperation, and back to toe-to-toe. Spratt kicks the leg and Ford grimaces. Ford goes for a takedown, and Spratt impressively tosses Ford to the side and gains half guard. Wow... Spratt's wrestling is improved. Ford works his way back to his feet again, but Ford is definitely reeling from some of those kicks. Ford gets clinched, tries a guillotine, but it's weak. Spratt gets another takedown. scores it 10-9 Spratt.

Round 2: More kicks from Spratt, and Ford is throwing a ridiculous head kick with no set-up. Spratt steps out and resets. Spratt is dancing around, looking for an opening, and Ford lunges at Spratt. Ford clinches, then knees Spratt in the groin. The knee to the cup echos right into my living room. Spratt taking his time... and we restart. Ford over commits his punches and Spratt clinches. Ford working diligently for the takedown and finally dumps Spratt in the turnbuckle. Working from half-guard, Ford trying to gain posture and does... lands some punches from the top. Spratt turns and gives up his back. Ford lands some punches, and... trying to sink the choke, but Spratt defends. Ford sinks the hooks in and Spratt keeps his chin down. Ford tries again, and he sinks it. Ford wins. 

Ryan Ford def. Pete Spratt via submission (RNC), Round 2 (3:07)

Light HeavyweightRazak Al-Hassan (10-2) vs. Dwayne Lewis (12-5) 

Round 1: Both guys a bit hesitant to start, Hassan using his Roufus-training kickboxing to land leg kicks consistently early. One minute in an Lewis finally throws a blow, but misses. Referee is yelling for action, and Lewis is trying to corner Hassan. Hassan's kicks are leaving their mark. Lewis isn't checking anything, and looked for Hassan's chin. Hassan goes for the head kick, but it sails over Lewis' head. Wow... Hassan's kicks are landing loudly. Lewis may want to check those. They clinch up now in the turnbuckle, only one minute left in the round. Hassan has the dominant position, but no offense. Referee re-centers the fighters. Lewis can't seem to land anything, and Hassan lands some pitter-patter leg kicks. scores it 10-9 Hassan.

Round 2: Lewis kicks, Hassan catches, but nothing doing. Both guys staring at each other, Hassan is leg kicking consistently, and Lewis is now trying to check. Lewis throws a one-two as Hassan kicks, but doesn't land. Hassan clinches and has underhooks. Knees to the lead leg, Hassan really trying to take Lewis' drive out of his legs. Lewis is trying to throw overhands to the ribs from over the hooks, but Hassan just continues to knee him to death. The referee actually stops the fight and tells them to pick up the action. What a bum. Lewis getting a bit more aggressive, but he isn't close to landing. Karlos Vemola might be jealous. Clinch once again, and Hassan continues to beat up Lewis' leg. But Lewis topples onto Hassan. Hassan on his back now, and this could change Lewis' fortunes. Drilling blows into the ribcage from half guard. Hassan seems like he doesn't care, and is just holding onto Lewis, not allowing him to posture. And Lewis gets full mount with 30 seconds left in the round. Hassan is keeping Lewis' posture down, but Lewis is throwing short elbows. scores it 10-9 Lewis.

Round 3: Hassan is slowing a bit, his kicks aren't as quick, and Lewis takes advantage. Clinches, but Hassan lands some knees and Lewis looks a bit winded as well. Hassan corners Lewis into the turnbuckle, and Lewis is fending off Hassan. Unfortunately, Hassan falls on Lewis and gains top control. Lewis gets full guard, and now works to get back up. Hassan maintains control, but he's doing virtually nothing with the position. A few body shots, but they look awfully weak. Hassan trying to pass guard, but Lewis works his legs up for a triangle, and transitions to the armbar... wow. Almost gets Hassan, but his legs slip off. Hassan moves to back control, peppering Lewis with shots to the face. Hassan isn't even working for hooks. Lewis gets back to closed guard with Hassan on top. Hassan is landing a few blows, but then Lewis throws his legs back up for a triangle attempt. Hassan is keeping low, and Lewis almost sinks in the choke. Nope... slips. scores it 10-9 Hassan. 29-28 Hassan.

Dwayne Lewis def. Razak Al-Hassan via split decision (29-28 Lewis, 29-28 Hassan, 29-28 Lewis)

Light Heavyweight: Rodney Wallace (9-3) vs. David Heath (16-6) 

Round 1:  Heath throws a looping shot, glances. Heath and Wallace are pawing, feeling each other out. Heath throws, misses. Heath throws again, and Wallace tries to transition for a takedown. Heath stuffs it, and they are clinched. Wallace working some knees and punches, now works for a single, and Wallace powers Heath down. Wallace is on his back however, and he's cut a bit. Wallace tries to throw up an armbar, but Heath escapes easily. Heath in top position now, trying to punch, but Wallace has wrist control. Wallace looks for the armbar again, but misses. Heath gets up, and we're back to standing. Wallace is trying to front kick for some reason, and Heath isn't walking into it. Heath's jab is working, and he's talking to Wallace. Wallace throws a liver shot, then leaps and double kicks Heath, what the hell... wow. Heath goes for a spinning back kick, but Wallace front kicks him in the ass. Tough call, but I think Heath takes it. scores it 10-9 Heath.

Round 2: Heath stiff jabs Wallace as Wallace tries a power overhand. Stiff shot to the kisser. Wallace is just throwing home runs to the body and head, but Heath sees it coming from a mile away. Wallace with some more haymaker/jab combos, but nothing. Heath kicks when Wallace advances, and puts Wallace on his ass. Wallace whirls back to his feet. Back to standing. Heath peppering the jab, he looks good  in this fight. Wallace suddenly picks up his feinting, and combos a jab and front kick. Wallace is throwing half-hearted double jabs to the body, pretty weak stuff. Wallace grabs a single leg, and struggles, but gets it. Heath on his back now, and this might be a game changer for this round. Wallace pounds on him with some elbows and punches. Wallace steals the round. scores it 10-9 Wallace.

Round 3: Rounds opens and Wallace shoots. He knows he needs the takedown to win here, and he's moving Heath to the ropes to try to throw. Some knees land, but nothing significant. They stand toe-to-toe again. Heath working the jab again. Schiavello wants Rodney to "take the shackles off". Waiting, waiting, waiting... and both guys landing some jabs. Wallace continues to throw a weak jab to the body. Heath throws a head kick, but it glances. Wallace is working his footwork a bit, and now he shoots. Has a leg, and gets the takedown. This could decide the fight. Wallace in half guard throwing small punches. Wallace trying to pass to mount, but Heath defends. Heath gets his legs out, but Wallace is looking for the guillotine or front choke. Now Wallace takes the back, and his hooks are in! Working for the rear naked choke now, and Wallace transitions to the armbar. Heath escapes, now in top control, but the fight is over. scores it 10-9 Wallace. 29-28 Wallace.

Rodney Wallace def. David Heath via unanimous decision (29-28, all three judges)

LightweightKajan Johnson (17-11) vs. Ryan Healy (19-8) 

Round 1: Round opens pretty quickly with Kajan working the jab nicely and landing. Healy doesn't have much defense here, and he gives up a takedown as Johnson transitions nicely. Working to pass... and he gains side control with one arms on lock down. He's looking for the crucifix, and nearly has it. Throws some elbows while Healy squirms. Johnson is landing some small punches, but the elbows are scoring. Healy can't sweep him, and Johnson continues to land small shots. Nothing major, but the elbows may open up a cut. Yup, small cut now. Healy finally gets away, but gives up his back. Trying to stand, but... no dice. Healy gets up, then dumped, and now Johnson sinks the hooks in. Dominating this fight. Johnson loses the hooks, and Healy regains his feet. Finally, Healy gets away. Back to the stand-up, and Healy shoots, gets toppled on and Johnson is back on top again.  You could almost argue this is a 10-8 as Healy didn't do a thing. I think I will. scores it 10-8 Johnson.

Round 2: Johnson throws a head kick and hits Healy. Looked like it was more of the weight of the kick off balancing Healy, but he falls. Healy gets back up immediately, and now a stoppage for a missing mouthpiece. Restart, and Johnson resumes the jab clinic. Glances a head kick off Healy's head, and Johnson is just destroying Healy. Johnson has the back on the feet, throwing solid knees to the midsection as Healy tries to latch the arm. Wow... Johnson lifts Healy and drops him. Healy's head bangs off the canvas and now he's in deep trouble. Johnson just reigning punches, but still squirming. Now he's flattened out, but Johnson doesn't have full-in hooks. Johnson passes guard as Healy regains guard, and now Healy is stuck again in side control. Healy regains his feet again, but gets taken down... again. Virtually no offense from Healy at all. I mean, this is basically two 10-8 rounds. scores it 10-8 Johnson.

Round 3: Johnson is tiring, as history always dictates for him. Healy pushes Johnson down, and then they go toe-to-toe. Change of levels, and now Healy actually goes for a submission. Johnson escapes, but Johnson is dead tired. Healy's mouthpiece falls out again. Referee restarts it again. A struggle for ground position, and Healy finds himself in side control.. again. Healy regains his feet, but now gives up his back. Johnson working for a rear naked choke, but Healy still has the gas to defend. Johnson gives it up and turns to near mount and delivers elbows. He basically has mount now with Healy turned to the side, continues punching. Healy is showing a huge heart, but he's done. Kajan with full mount, but Healy squirms. Johnson goes back to Healy's back, but Johnson can't put this away. Healy incredibly regains his feet and separates. Healy is swinging for the fence, but his strikes have nothing on them. Kajan gets the takedown, and he's going to win this. scores it 10-9 Johnson, 30-25 for the fight.

Kajan Johnson def. Ryan Healy via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-25, 30-25)

CatchweightDhiego Lima (3-0) vs. Bill Fraser (2-1)

Round 1: Bill Fraser sort of looks like Vinny from Jersey Shore... strange. Anyways, Lima works a jab to start, a few kicks to the outside of Lima's lead leg. One minute in and Fraser hasn't done squat. Fraser seems hesitant to walk into Lima's range, and Lima is working his jab perfectly. Fraser trying to throw a home run, but eating jabs as he misses. Nothing significant from Lima, but he's landing. Both guys work into a clinch in the turnbuckle, attacks Fraser's legs. Back to the center, and back to Fraser getting peppered with jabs. Fraser is bleeding a bit from his nose, and continues to throw power shots with head kicks that don't land. 45 seconds left, and Fraser actually lands a solid leg kick against an off-balance Lima. He falls and Fraser takes side control. Lima works to full guard, and Fraser eats an upkick to finish out the round. scores it 10-9 Lima.

Round 2: More of the same to start round 2. Fraser is just getting peppered by combinations. He's blocking some of the shots, but Lima is working a front kick in tandem with one-two's. Lima backs Fraser into the corner, and Lima is kneeing the legs. Fraser struggles to reverse position. Close-up of Fraser's face doesn't look good. Referee re-centers the fighters after some inactivity. And BOOOOM! A straight right hand from Lima, right down between his hands to the chin. Fraser drops and the referee immediately stops it. Dhiego Lima via KO at 2:36 of Round 2.

Dhiego Lima def. Bill Fraser via KO, Round 2 (2:36)

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