Robert Drysdale Looks To Move Forward One Fight At A Time

Multi-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion won his second career MMA bout in the first round this past Saturday at Armageddon Fighting Championships 4. He's already preparing for his next fight and is certainly one you should keep your eyes on.

Fresh off a first round submission victory over Clay Davidson at Armageddon Fighting Championships 4, Robert Drysdale is ready to move forward in his mixed martial arts career. Just as he did with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu he is going to take it one fight at a time and understands that for all intents and purposes he is an MMA rookie.

When I first had an opportunity to speak with Drysdale a few days before his bout with Davidson, I had no idea of who the man was. All I knew was that he was a multi-time world champion in BJJ and that he has trained some of the best mixed martial artists in the world. What I found out was that he is a humble, hard working professional who is willing to do what is necessary to get to the top of the MMA world, without taking any shortcuts.

I spoke to Drysdale once again following his win and found out he is already working towards his next fight. In just a few short questions I found out more about Drysdale and just how focused he is on being a successful mixed martial artist.

Bryan Levick: How do you feel about your performance from this past Saturday night?

Robert Drysdale: I feel like I still have a long way to go, it's nice to get a win, but I am still a work in progress. I know what I need to work on and I learned something new about myself.

Bryan Levick: Do you have any idea of when we can expect to see you back in action and will it be for the AFC?

Robert Drysdale: I will be fighting again in March. I'm really excited to get back in there. I am already back in the gym getting ready for this next bout. I will be fighting once again for AFC they have been really good to me and I enjoy fighting for them.

Bryan Levick: You mentioned that you are still a work in progress. What area of your game do you feel needs the most attention?

Robert Drysdale: I can't say there is anything specific. I felt a lot more comfortable inside the cage. I'm starting to figure things out and although I am not at the level I will need to be, I feel like I am making progress in getting there. I'm not the type of guy who is going to strictly rely on my jiu-jitsu; I know I need to work on my hands and other areas.

Bryan Levick: How do you like fighting in front of the Canadian fans? Do they make you feel at home?

Robert Drysdale: I love fighting in front of the Canadian fans; they seem to be a little bit more respectful. They gave me a really warm welcome and made me feel right at home. I was extremely happy to put on a show for them. From the people involved with the AFC to the people in the stands, I really enjoyed fighting there again.

Bryan Levick: Do you feel that the caliber of your opponent is where it needs to be considering that was only your second professional fight?

Robert Drysdale: I consider myself a white belt in MMA right now. As with the case of BJJ I don't think a white belt should be fighting a black belt. I plan on working my way up the same way I did in jiu-jitsu. Clay Davidson has more experience than I do; in fact he had won his past five bouts going into our match-up. I am comfortable at the pace I am going at and when I am ready to take the next step, my trainers and I will know.

For more information on Robert Drysdale and his BJJ schools you can visit his website.

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