How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 2nd Week of November


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"Let me address this article that was put out.. First of all im not impatient about waiting 4 Rua 2 heal especially since it was my choice 2 wait! The UFC did offer me a fight since Rua was gonna b out so long against Lil'Nog. But I turned it down cuz the fight made no sense 2 me"  -Rashad Evans, turned down a fight against Lil Nog cause he wants to fight for the bling.

"A fight with Machida would've made more sense but they matched him up with Rampage. Dana White told me from the beginning they wouldn't do Interm belt. So @ that point I decided I wait. No in this article it makes me sound as if I'm upset about waiting which is not the case."  -Rashad Evans

"What frustrated me was I was hearing conflicting stories of when he was coming back. One moment Dana would say May then in the article he said the fight is scheduled 4 March. Also Rua manager said he will b out maybe longer than June. So I was frustrated on how the dates r ranging.. But like I said I chose 2 wait. But I had a clear idea on when the return may happen then it would effect choices I take."  -Rashad Evans

"I'm all fighter I'm not afraid 2 fight anybody! My record would show that! I've fought some of the best men in my era & lost once... And 4 the last time I never got offered 2 fight Machida 4 a Interm belt. Ed Soares did a article saying it would b a good idea.."  -Rashad Evans

"Just read Rashad is mad because he wants to fight for the belt but doesnt want to fight but needs to fight for money but doesnt want 2 fight"  -Roy Nelson

"I ran out of characters. I am confused just fight then win then fight for the belt is he afraid to lose? What do you guys think?"  -Roy Nelson

"Not Dissing Rashad, just speaking the truth"  -Roy Nelson, wasn't dissing Rashad, just trying to take his will.

"If Rashad wants to fight HWY like rampage, I'm all for it. I think it would be fun to reunite the Ultimate Fighter HWY Title"  -Roy Nelson, replying to a fan saying that Rashad would KO him for those comments.


"Oh no its the worst night of my life somebody is prank calling me"  -Phil Baroni

"If you have sex with someone and during sex, give them athletes foot, does it still count as an STD?"  -Mayhem Miller

"Some internet sh@t talkers are just annoying. Like little gnats circling and saying stupid things..... At least be entertaining!"  -Gabe Ruediger 

"Getting my MRI and MRA done. Hopefully my brain is still there... But I'm not keeping my hopes up."  -Joe Lauzon

"Hey, @roynelsonmma, one day our mullets will meet. On this day, the world will stop spinning, no one will die,  & peace will inhabit the earth. We will exchange words that when heard by mortal ears, will bring tears to their eyes.  When we part separate ways, a super nova sonic boom will blind anyone who watches. Then everything will go back to normal."  -Miguel Torres

"If I were homophobic I would be terrified of Stefan Struve... Stefan Struve is an Al Qaeda sympethizer... Stefan Struve puts the "anal" in pre-fight analysis"  -Sean McCorkle, whut?



"Heading into London to meet writer and director Noel Clarke about a possible movie role, lifted weights last night, well sore!!!"  -Michael Bisping

"so Ive landed a place in Noel Clarkes next movie project. Should have a script soon. Looking forward to it already! ...always put fighting before acting (or anything else)but I need things to do between fights,and acting in movies and tv is awesome!so why nt"  -Michael Bisping

"Has anyone ever seen Cyborg Soldier? Its on showtime right now and Rich Franklin is the star? I thought movies were just a couture thing"   -Chris Camozzi, and Rampage, Carano, Jardine, Bisping, and a bunch of other MMA fighters.

"Yeah Im DJing in Edinborough and then in Paisley on the next night. 26th and 27th, plus playing in Inverness on the 23rd i think... Im Djjing at Love2Love in Inverness on the 13th,this saturday. See you there... then Im playing at Karma in Edingborough on the 27th, then at Viennas in Paisley, on the 27th also."  -Michael Bisping, fighter, actor, DJ, and America's most hated fighter -- (Guys, stop taking TUF too seriously).

"no no UFC is my no1 priority, I can spina few tunes now and then without giving up fightin."  -Michael Bisping



"New profession :)"  -Gabriel Gonzaga, might retire from MMA, but at least he already has a new profession in mind.

"This is my (Jon Fitch) first grappling match with Jake Sheilds."  -Jon Fitch, shows that he's 1-1 against Jake in grappling. He also faced Gilbert Melendez in this tourney.

"Outtake of Faber vs Mizugaki advertisement. "  -Shiroobi



"I wish people would stop caring about my love life n become more concerned about more important things,like whether my breast are real or not. Bwahahhahaha"  -Arianny Celeste

"Headed hair is not done..oh well. Gonna enjoy a skinny margarita n some mole at Javiers. Enjoy ur nite!"  -Arianny Celeste


"I want to take this home!!!"  -Arianny Celeste


"Another day in the office...."  -Arianny Celeste


"My girlies since gradeschool. :D"  -Arianny Celeste


"Affection much?? ;-)"  -Brittney Palmer


"First ufc outfit!: Just shot for the new Ultimate fighter video game!"  -Brittney Palmer, GSP approves.




"Mango & sticky rice = love :) who knew Minnesota had good Thai food?!"  -Logan Stanton


"Love from Minnesota :) headed back to LA!"  -Logan Stanton, #BringLoganBack


"Gnight for 2 hrs! Sweet dreams r made of these... ;)"  -Natasha Wicks


"The @ paintball war. Shooting people w/ Ethan one of our kids from the tank :)"  -Natasha Wicks



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