Roy Nelson talks Shane Carwin, Junior Dos Santos and The Undertaker

FWW: Roy, let’s get right into it. You were scheduled to fight in the co-main event against Shane Carwin in UFC 125. About five days ago or so we found out that Shane Carwin backed out of the fight stating he needed to have back surgery and would not be able to compete. Obviously a huge let down. Several days later, as a result of the UFC ostensibly unable to find you a suitable opponent, you were also dropped from the card. Give us your thoughts on the last week’s chain of events.

RN: When I found out that Shane wasn’t going to fight it was disheartening. To the point where I kind of got rushed into getting my knee surgery rehabbed and kind of getting rushed into, I guess the fire, and then the bottom of the barrel drops out. Because you know I wasn’t ready and then when your kind of forced there you’re like, ok, I’ll do it. Then whatever, they take it out from you, it’s kind of disheartening. But at the same time they have something like, I think they have 29 other fighters on contract so you know, the other 28’s fine.

FWW: speaking of the knee, percentage wise, where would you say your knee is right now?

RN: To fight anybody in the UFC? A hundred percent.

FWW: OK. Your thoughts on Shane backing out?

RN: I think from a manager’s standpoint it’s a good move for him. To get his neck or back right you know but also not to face me is always... for anybody who is trying to get to the belt is …I am pretty big hurdle to get past.

FWW: No Doubt. Roy, playing Devil’s advocate: To the extent that you can remove yourself and your feelings about this, if you were in the UFC and Dana White’s shoes, what would you do? What is the solution that makes sense for Roy Nelson and his career and what makes business sense for the UFC? What ideally would you like to see happen?

RN: Ideally if I had to ....Read More here:

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