My 4th MMA Fight.




This was on October 1st, 2010 at the Qwest arena in Boise, ID. I, John Medbery, vs Pablo ayala. Fight was at 135lbs.

For this fight I trained at my normal gym in Caldwell, ID. and at Combat fitness with Scott jorgensen, Jesse brock, and Jacen flynn.

My gameplan was just to stand and trade because everyone i knew was telling me to take him down because he's a striker i guess. We traded punch for punch for awhile the ended up in the clinch. He took me down for a second with like a judo headlock thingy(they will be a pic). I got straight up and caged him up and got a double or single with lil struggle. I landed in side control and he had my head trapped and one arm. I hit him with baby punches and when i started to open up he retained guard. I postured up and kinda froze a lil before i fired punches and landed one solid to the body and one to the head. He pushed me off and i grabbed his legs and passed to side but hoping for mount. The round ended with him getting guard. After the bell there was some confusion and i tried to help him off his back and he kicked me hah and the ref warned him.



In the second my corner said cage him up and do the same but remain more active and throw body shots. Second rounds starts with a flury and i caged him up.  I tried to get behind him with a high single and he went for a head lock. I was slowing inching my head out. I got semi out of it and tried to take his back standing and as we went down his shoulder dug into my rib and knocked the shit outta me. And the ref stopped the fight.

The doctor thought it was broken and i was puking alot. But it's just bruised. Thanks for reading, comments, and recs in advance. I should get a video for this this month.

My first two fights: ; .

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