The death of the era of SUPER heavy weight? The UFC and beyond.

People were foaming at the mouth with the prospect of a new era of elite heavy weights above 265 pounds who actually had to cut down to fight. Dana White even jumped in on that action during several interviews.

But things don't seem to be working out for those massive fighters or their legacy of redesigning the sport.

Maybe a lot of it was just UFC driven Fedor hate. So many people wanted to count Fedor out and say that Brock's size would cancel out any skill that the Russian would possess that they were ready to draw a line in the sand and say that Fedor was just a fat 205'er. Then the images of Frank Mir being dominate by both Carwin and Lesnar helped cement the notion that the MMA sands had shifted and only the big boys would be champs from here on out.

The notion seems to have lost a lot of its luster as 2010 draws to a close.

Or maybe we just need to look at several truths to get to the bottom of this mystical and short lived "Era" in mixed martial arts history.

One truth is that Shane Carwin would do well to lose some muscle and change his diet to increase his laughable gas tank. His solutions lie in going DOWN in weight to stay in the mix. If he came in at 250 or 245 and gained some speed and gas he would be almost unstoppable, and probably wouldn't lose any punching power.

Brock Lesnar has been exposed by a smaller and faster heavy weight. Cain showed us that size and brute force can be channeled just like a matador faking out a bull. I have no doubt that Fedor could do the same thing to Brock and maybe even put him out with one punch. Brock has to size up his desire to fight quickly and think about diversifying his training. His size is still an advantage but it's not enough.

Truth: Brock Lesnar was never the "Baddest man on the Planet".

Another truth is that Randy Couture never belonged at heavy weight and Tim Sylvia was just that bad.

We can't leave Mr. Mir out, now can we? Frank Mir is a terrible defensive wrestler and makes bad decisions against big guys. Frank Mir also dabbled with putting on size and realized that it didn't fix the flaws in his game or make him a better fighter. He actually modified his body because of this notion of the SUPER heavy weight era, and it paid him no dividends.

Another truth. The only real SUPER heavy weight in the sport isn't in the UFC and kicks ass in K-1. Overeem is the only man in MMA who has speed, athleticism, size, and skill all rolled into one massive package. I could see him coming into the UFC and cleaning up the division pretty quickly in a way that would make casual UFC fans gape in amazement.

And finally, lets not write Fedor off just because he locked himself into a triangle and neglected his ground game. Fedor has never been dominated like Brock has been, going on twice now, and still has all the tools, speed, and power that make him a top 5 heavy weight.


It's Cain's world now, and we're all just living in it.. and last I checked he's only 240 pounds.

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