Why Doesn't Strikeforce Sign Herschel Walker vs Dave Bautista?

Herschel Walker spoke to MMA Fighting about his next pro fight:

Walker is already scheduled to fight on a Dec. 4 Strikeforce event, and the promotion is currently working on finding him an opponent.

"I was very honored to fight Greg, but Greg was like myself: he was green, he was young," Walker told Ariel Helwani on the most recent edition of The MMA Hour. "I said, 'This time, I've got to fight someone with a lot of experience.'

"I've got to fight a guy with a little bit more experience, that people recognize as an MMA fighter," he continued.

Meanwhile Jim Ross is blogging that Strikeforce needs to sign Dave Bautista:

If the two sides can strike a win/win financial deal and Showtime finally figures out how to promote a fight and make it be perceived as special while at the same time build a star on all the platforms that are available to them, then a Bautista-Strikeforce arrangement could help all involved.

Bautista isn't professionally one dimensional and I get the feeling that he's not going to give his services away cheaply as he knows that, at least for the first fight, that Bautista is a special attraction that could bring new sets of eyes to Showtime's presentation of Strikeforce. Do you think that Showtime thinks that way?

Geno Mrosko rips this idea pretty hard:

I don't understand why so many people think signing Bautista would be such a big deal for Strikeforce. Being a pro wrestling blog, we here at Cageside know better than anyone what Bautista brings to the table athletically and it's not much. He's an old man, from a sporting perspective, and he get injured more often than he doesn't. What exactly is he going to bring to the table? He's never going to reach the upper echelon of the heavyweight division and unless he has a huge impact in terms of ratings, the amount of money he wants them to pay him would represent a huge loss.
The idea that pro wrestlers can just transition over to MMA because Brock Lesnar did it is ludicrous. Bobby Lashley tried it and has largely failed and looked like a joke in the process. I fear that's what would happen with Bautista as well. These guys don't have anything close to the athleticism Lesnar does and they certainly don't have the promotional muscle that Lesnar enjoys with the UFC. As long as Showtime and Strikeforce are the ones doing the marketing, it's not worth the time.

While I agree with every one of Geno's points about Bautista, I just can't help thinking that a Herschel Walker vs Dave Bautista fight  would be evenly matched and draw a great deal of attention to the December 4 Strikeforce card. 

My thinking on freak show fights is that there's a time and a place for them in MMA, but if you're going to have Herschel Walker on an MMA card, let's go full freak show and do it up right with a name opponent of comparable skill and experience. 

The obvious negative is Bautista's rumored high asking price which doesn't make sense for a Showtime card, but that's Scott Coker's problem, not mine. I've just thought of a fight involving Herschel Walker I actually would be interested in seeing, how much more can I do?

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