Ms. Sarah Kaufman, who do you think you are? My 2 cents on Strikeforce.

Initial thoughts:

I liked Mauro's hair, before he looked like the father of the doughy kid from Hot Tube Time Machine. So he's embraced the Jack Nicholson look, when you look like your head was inflated by a circus clown you don't have a lot of options. Is it me or does Mauro come off as the type of guy that would get sucked up in the moment and blurt out the n word while he's hanging around black people cause he thinks he'll be accepted or considered hip for doing it?

Frank Shamrock will be buried in his braces.

Boy is it sure nice to not have Gus around.

Sorry Subo buddy but seriously, could you be any more obnoxious with your one man (who gives a shit) campaign against Strikeforce? Either watch it or don't buddy that's cool but no, I'm not signing your petition or taking one of your fliers, I'm not tying myself to a tree with you, I'm not grabbing your hand and singing some sappy ass John Lennon song outside of Strikeforce headquarters in protest, so get out the thread son!

Tyron Woodley did a good job of washing the bad taste out of the mouth of the fans left over from his last performance. Galvao kind of looked like someone slipped him an ambien beforehand, but it was still a decent win for T-Wood regardless. It still looked to me like Mauro was on the verge of saying "my nigga" after he got done interviewing Woodley.

KJ Noons looks like the illegitimate son of Tom Cruise and Ann Curry.

Boy is it sure nice to not have Gus around.

Good gravy, was half the audience in attendance on Strikeforce's roster?

Meisha Tate, yeah I'd smash. I'd smash so hard her vagina would have a closed casket funeral.

Sara Kaufman and Marlos Coenen, good win for Coenen in an expectedly lackluster fight (it wasn't really that bad). Coenen had more in the stand up, and proved to have more on the ground as well. I'd still smash both, not as severely as Tate, but their vaginas would at most end up in critical condition. More on Kaufman later.

Nick Diaz's interview with the Jedi chick looked like a middle schooler working up the nerve to ask the head cheerleader to a dance.

I was rooting for Thompson to win and was disappointed when he lost, then I became relieved when I realized the judges were going to give it to him anyway (seriously no matter how you scored that fight, 30-27...what the hell lady?). At the end of the fight he made sure to call out the 30-27 judge with a "bitch please" in so many words that is.

Boy is it sure nice to not have Gus around.

Nick Diaz won that fight in my eyes, I don't care what the statistics say (and it turns out they were full of shit like I thought, "oh noes, the computer said so!"). Here's a statistic for ya, 100% of the people that disagree with me can go jump in a lake. Nick Diaz also has the weakest kicks I think I've ever seen from a fighter other then Butterbean and maybe Kyle Maynard (alright that was tasteless and I feel bad for it). It's like it's not even a kick, it's like he's delivering a bitch slap with his foot, and even still he doesn't cease embarrassing himself by throwing plenty of em and missing them all by about 3 miles. At the end Diaz did was Diaz does, and Noons decided to just start swinging like a mentally challenged kid at batting practice.

Honestly, did Diaz seem clearer then usual? Is he off the pot or something because after the fight he was able to put together a clean and coherent statement, not a single "ya know" to be found!

Now more on Kaufman:

Some of you people need to get the hell over it when it comes to Kaufman and her statments. Not only did it happen months ago at this point, not only did she voice an opinion that many agreed with regardless (Hey, fighters aren't allowed to comment on their shitty circumstances only us fans get to!), not only was she right, but it wasn't a big deal in the first place. Listen, I'm sorry that Kaufman isn't more sexually attractive to you but there's not much she can do about it. If a Meisha Tate type had said the same thing then the general consensus would have been "Yeah, why don't they put her sexy ass on a main show!" I just think it's silly that because a guy might not like a woman's looks it's like he'll easily accept some antagonistic view of them for no good reason, like the woman is specifically being unattractive just to spite you (don't even get me started on the immature bullshit that gets said about Cyborg). I'm not saying that's the sole reason people are bothered by her, and I'm not trying to act like some crusader for women but for Pete's sake (sorry for the language) there's no need for the not-so-vaguely sexist insults like "mouthy" and "stuck up." Agree or don't but move on already.

End Rant

Overall a pretty decent show, thanks Strikeforce for delivering a night full of solid fights. Apparently not to long ago UFC 119 was bad enough to be considered the worst event ever in a poll, but now it was just good enough that some people still preferred it over this card (fickle MMA fans [I thought people had been overreacting about 119 anyway {although the last fight did suck beans for sure, and it was all Frank Mir's pompadour's fault. <I think I just got lost in my own brackets.>}])

Boy was it sure nice to not have Gus around.

(Special deleted scenes and Director's commentary at

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