Anderson Silva on His Return, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort

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Anderson was interviwed by Portal do Vale Tudo, where he was very passionate about many topics:

On the date for his next fight:

"There is no [date] defined yet [for the fight]. They say it may be February, January, but I haven’t gone back to training full time, I’m still doing light training, who is really going to decide when I’ll be able to go back to training full time is my doctor."

"I talked to (my doctor) this week, he looked at it and told me to wait another two weeks to see how I’m feeling, and after that we’ll see if I can go back training. So there is nothing set, people have come out confirming [the date], Dana White has come out confirming it, but I haven’t confirmed it yet. So there is nothing set, I might not even fight this coming year, I might fight in the end of this coming year, so there is nothing set. I want to be 100% so that I can execute my job well."
More on Chael's PED accusations:
"I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, I’ll let people decide, I’m an athlete as he is, we work hard for the sport but I think it’s best for me to give him the benefit of the doubt than for me to say something stupid here.

UFC 127: Silva vs. Belfort coverage

On Wanderlei’s Video with Chael Sonnen (the reporter mentions that Big Nog called Wanderlei congratulating him for what he said)
We don’t disrespect anyone, Brazil has never disrespected anyone, we always go there and do our jobs. All the Brazilian fighters are recognized world-wide for their techniques, for our fantastic performances that we display outside and inside our country, I think we have a big history inside MMA. And if Chael Sonnen is able to fight today in a promotion such as the UFC, simply put, he owes that to Brazil, and simply put, to a Brazilian that created the UFC.

So unfortunately he made some misfortune comments , he was submitted the way he was [during our fight] because of what he said about Rodrigo [Minotauro], and my personal opinion is this; he spent four rounds in the best position, the position that he said he was going to be in and in fact he was, and didn’t win the fight, so a rematch? There was going to be a rematch, but I don’t think he would be deserving of such thing. If he couldn’t win in four five minute rounds, would he win in a rematch? Maybe, maybe not, so anyhow, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt once again… [smiles].

I don’t access the internet much so I can stay focused on the fight. When I became aware that he was talking bad about Minotauro, I had not spoken to Minotauro up until then, but when he talked bad about the Nogueira brothers everything changed. Up until then I was taking everything with a bit of salt, “ah it’s cool, let the guy say whatever he wants”, but when he started talking bad about the Nogueira brothers he started to go over the top, talking bad about Brazil. When it’s me it’s cool, everyone talks bad about me, what you gonna do… talking bad about me is normal, there are people who likes me and there are people who don’t[…] But I told Minotauro, I said; “Minotauro, I will put him down, I will pull guard and I will submit him, because he could have talked about anyone he wanted, except you, the only people he should not have mentioned is you and your brother”. So I came in with a gi in tribute to Rodrigo and Rogério, and Ramon and the whole Jiu Jitsu community. It was a matter of honor for being a black belt under the Nogueira’s, and a matter of honor due to everything Chael said prior to the fight.

So obviously, I hope the situation never repeats itself, I will never fight injured again, I hope that does not happen, but God enlightened me in the right moment. I think the best thing that came out of all of these was the big opportunity God gave me to show people that we should never give up, no matter what. I think it was great because a lot of people had access [to that fight] *(the card was shown on SporTV, the equivalent to ESPN in Brazil), many people who have gone through similar hardships in life that thought about giving up but didn’t.  This happened with me before as well, when I left Chute Boxe and thought about quitting but Rodrigo and Rogério [Nogueira] came over and changed my mind… so anyhow, the big message God used me to give people was this; that we should never give up! And this was also useful to show people that Anderson is normal, Anderson is not the best in the world, Anderson can lose, Anderson can win, Anderson feels pain, Anderson is not unbeatable. This [fight] was nice, it was great.

On Vitor Belfort via PVT:

He´s a great fighter like all the others that I faced. I´ve fought fighters with much more dangerous and it much harder", Anderson said, “He is a fighter who has many qualities and must be respected. He has a big name in MMA and a story. We can respect that, but we will fight. When climbing up there, everything changes. We will fight and do our work, while him also. He has goals and objectives, as I have mine. It is a sport and I think who will gain much from this is the sport

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