WEC 51: Some Moments, but No Matches Stand Out

Photo By Tracy Lee for Yahoo Sports

Another World Extreme Cagefighting in the books, another memorable night for the memory banks. This show didn't have a standout fight, nothing that will be in the running for Fight of the Year. Maybe we are spoiled, expecting some version of Caol Uno-Joachim Hansen on every WEC card. It didn't happen and I can't pretend not to be a little disappointed.  But those moments - man - there were snapshots in time from this show I might never forget.

Moment #1: Leonard Garcia Hits Nothing but Air

Greg Jackson trained featherweight Leonard Garcia plans to turn over a new leaf every time he steps in the cage. His next fight - that's the one he intends to approach like a disciplined professional. Then the adrenaline gets flowing and he loses his mind. Against Mark Hominick, Garcia swung an awful lot. Too bad most of them were Dave Kingman-ish swings that touched nothing but air. Garcia is capable of providing a fun fight. But performances like the one he put on last night are embarassing. You can see better, straighter, and more accurate punching any Friday night at a local bar fight. Leonard Garcia should be ashamed. The judge that actually awarded him this fight doubly so.

Moment #2: How to Stop a Zombie

Will the Korean Zombie fever finally die? Or will it be resurrected next time he enters the cage? I'm afraid it's dead for good. There are many ways to kill a zombie: crowbar to the head, lighting them on fire, a chainsaw. Add a George Roop hick kick to the list. Roop's foot landed squarely on the Zombie's jaw and put his lights out. Both Garcia and Jung were exposed for the ordinary fighters they are. Roop has grown immensely as a fighter. With another win, I see a title shot in his future for 2011.

Moment #3: Jose Aldo. Need I say more?

The WEC featherweight champion seemed almost human for a round. Then he exploded all over poor Manny Gamburyan. A two punch combo shocked the Armenian. A followup to the jaw dropped him. After that, Aldo was like a caged beast unleashed. A very impressive performance. Unfortunately, the WEC has done a bad job of building contenders in this division. Who's next for Aldo? Who knows? After the show on the Daily Line, Ariel Helwani suggested Josh Grispi who is a relative unknown. Other than a rebounding Mike Brown, the next highest ranked fighter under the WEC banner is L.C Davis. Might be time for Sean Shelby to find Bibiano Fernandes number.

Now that it's all over, we wait for the ratings. The show was delayed because of a UFL football game, indicating exactly where it falls in sports hierachy. Right below third rate football? That's an affirmative. Will the promotion continue an alarming ratings slide? I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. How can Zuffa do a better job promoting these amazing athletes? How can we, the MMA media? I hope to hear your answers in the comments.


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