Antwain Britt: Wants Dan Henderson, Time Alone in the Cage with Kimbo

Antwain Britt made an impressive debut at Strikeforce: Evolution, earning a stoppage over previously undefeated Scott Lighty.

Last week, I caught up with "The Juggernaut" to talk about his win, his fighting history and who he'd like to fight next:

I’m lobbying for Dan Henderson. That guy is like my hero. He’s an Olympic wrestler and coming up, we come from the same kind of background being another guy who wrestled and being able to crossover and pick up striking pretty well. I would love to have that fight. It would be an honor to get that fight.

But really, whoever they put in front of me. Honestly, I’m thinking, if I was the Powers That Be, I think a really good matchup would be like we talked about earlier with myself and  "Feijao." I think it would be the kind of fight to test these two up-and-comers and see whether they deserve to go up or down. I think it would be a really good fight for the fans, the classic "jiu jitsu versus striker" deal.

Like you said, "King Mo" is a possibility. Kevin Randleman is a possibility, "Babalu" – whoever they put in front of me. For people who have seen my fights, my gameplan never changes; I’m going to go out there and throw heavy hands, I’m a wrestler and that helps me stay on my feet to throw those heavy hands, so I think any one of those fights would be good for the fans to see. As far as Strikeforce is concerned, I think it would be more beneficial to match me up with someone like Mo Lawal or Dan Henderson to put butts in the seats and sell some tickets.

In addition to wanting a step up in competition and promotion to the main card, Britt also had some thoughts on a certain former street fighter currently fighting for the UFC:

I would love to beat up on Kimbo Slice. I would love to just punish that guy. In all honesty, I think during the season, people got a really good read into more of the person that Kimbo was and he’s a really a pretty good guy, it’s just, you know, his popularity in this sport are for all the wrong reasons.

Like we were saying earlier, if you can sell yourself, do it, but I would love it if they just closed the cage behind us and let us go at it. That would be fun.

From the frustration of not being able to continue on Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter to the experience of fighting in the YAMMA Pit, Antwain Britt answers every question with complete honesty and makes for a terrific interview.

Check out the rest of my interview with "The Juggernaut" Antwain Britt and stay tuned for more from

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