Wes Sims Didn't Get Enough Bobby Lashley in the Cage, Lashley Talking Title Shot

via assets.sbnation.com

Apparently Wes Sims thought the ref pulled Bobby Lashley off him too early. From MMA Mania:

Wes Sims was hamming it up for just about everyone who would watch following his first round technical knockout loss to Bobby Lashley during the post fight press conference that never happened at Strikeforce: "Miami" tonight from the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.

But all the quirky smiles and awkward tension went out the window when "The Whole Show" decided to push Lashley, turning what everyone thought was another act into potentially the second round that Sims felt he deserved.


Lashley and everyone else soon realized that he was actually, maybe, being serious. Lashley went to remove the bag that was on his back, indicating that he was ready to retaliate. Sims even encouraged him to take it off.

Fortunately the two were separated before they embarrassed themselves further.

Kelvin Hunt had this to say about the whole debacle:

I hate to say it, but I have to believe I was right when I said that Strikeforce should have canceled the Lashley/Sims fight.  I mean Sims didn't come to fight, and we still don't know what Lashely brings to the table.  They asked Lashley what this win proved and I don't think I ever heard an answer.  Put Lashley in there with Mike Whitehead on the CBS card.  It's time to stop wasting our time with this guy and let him fight someone that's halfway credible.

But despite his less than stunning performance against Sims, Lashley is ready for bigger and badder opponents. From an interview with Showtime Sports, via MMA Mania:

"Well, it's one of two things. Either they're going to allow me do it the way I wanna do it and build, or they're going to give me a title shot. Either or. I would like a title shot. I guess it's Overeem, he's the one who has the title right now. Him or Fedor, whoever. I wanted to take my time to build up but everyone's pushing me to get bigger and better fights so if I'm going to get bigger and better fights let's go for the best."

Lashley does seem to attract attention online, but we'll see if he actually draws viewers. The bigger question is how he'll do against more credible competition. It's too bad for Strikeforce that UFC signed away Paul Buentello. I think Buentello's one dimensional, but dangerous, boxing game would be a perfect test for Lashley.

But according to Josh Gross, Scott Coker is ready to throw Lashley considerably deeper into the pool:

Also one the card, heavyweight Bobby Lashley, a hyped fighter who many want to compare to Brock Lesnar because of his dominating physical appearance and professional wrestling ties, dominated an overmatched, undertrained Wes Sims to earn a stoppage. The performance did nothing to advance Lashley's career. That may come next, said Coker, who would like to see a bout between Lashley, now 5-0, and Brett Rogers.


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