How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of January


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"it's bean a long time I miss you guys"  -Vitor Belfort, we miss you too Vitor.

"after 4 days without a phone im back"  -Diego Sanchez, you're not going to say that you missed us?

"Hello Twitterland, this is Mark "the hammer" Coleman. I just started with twitter. Training is going great...i'm out here in Vegas... my phone is blowing up with followers, lol! thanks everyone!"  -Mark Coleman, is now on twitter.

"looks like I am going 0-2 today on NFL picks. Should have known better than to pick against the man, Bret Favre. The old man does it again"  -Mark Coleman, we can guarantee that the old man will 'do it again' on UFC 109

"Hey guys! Please msg @jimmyfallon 4 me. His wife is producing the new Charlie's Angels and I want to audition for Farrah's role! Thank U!!!!"  -Natasha Wicks, does a Jason High, and starts a twitter movement... Let's all tell Jimmy Fallon to audition Jason High, and tell Bellator to sign Natasha Wicks.

"Tekst haiti to 90999 to donate 10 bucks. We are still looking for at least's a 100 members of my family in haiti Thanks"  -Gilbert Yvel, I'd make fun of his spelling, but I won't cause this is for a really good cause.

"Wanderlei asks for help to Haiti's earthquake victims. Silva, just asked, and you're still not doing it?


" Holy crap, I'm the only white dude out to celebrate MLK Jr. Day in Boston!"  -Tom Lawlor

"Now this is worth coming home 4!!!!! chilling with z kids this morning."  -Josh Koscheck, ze kids are ze cute ya zee?


"Had dinner with one of the best that ever did it, and I dont mean Roy( Thats Elton John btw)"  -Kimbo Slice, I wouldn't have pegged him to be an Elton John fan.


"Look at this tat this guy put on his leg"  -Kimbo Slice, people really love kimbo.




"YES IM GOING BACK TO WELTERWEIGHT IM LOVING MY NEW DIET.I WANT KOS OR FITCH BUT ANY TOP GUY WILL DO JUST WANT TO GIVE U FANS THE BEST FIGHT... @NateDiaz209 i agree you go robbed... i hear your going up too 170 too i would love to welcome you to welterweight lets make it happen."  -Diego Sanchez

"Suga Rashad and Thiago Alves have been promoted to GDP PLATINUM! I gotta step my game up! MOUSASI!!! ...They both got big wins, get vip treatment, and get paid! ...Ima step it up when i fight Mousasi. People say I aint ready but Im ready to shock everyone but myself, family, and the people down wit me"  -King Mo, confirming rumors that he'll get a shot at Mousasi?

"Ima power up like Super Saiyin 5 gone off that Jigga Juice and steady Jiggalatin!!"  -King Mo, I hope that was really about Juice and not "juice".

"Heading in for 2nd workout of day. Lil sore but feeling great. Will be ready for 109."  -Mark Coleman

"People's been asking me what's my strategy for the next fight. SUBMISSION! SUBMISSION! SUBMISSION! that is the plan"  -Demian Maia, finally confirms his ultra-secret game plan.

"Things are lining up nicely for a fight in April."  -Sam Hoger, Fedor?

"@markkmunoz i respect u a lot.hope u have a safe traing camp.I know we will put on a good show.GOD BLESS"  -Kendall Grove, is pretty classy towards his UFC 112 opponent.

"@KendallGrove Likewise brotha!! It's going to be an honor! We will definitely put on a show. Mahalo!"  -Mark Munoz

"Check out the shirt someone made for me hahaha"  -Chuck Liddell




"In Vegas at the SHOT show for Gerber gear.. Seen Brock Lesnar he's looking good! I wish him good health & a healthy return."  -Rashad Evans, that's good to hear about Brock, but what the hell is Gerber gear? MMA baby food?

"Out at Applebees for dinner with Liborio, Paul, and others. We had our brown belt test tonight which ran late but went well. Promotions are tomorrow. =)"  -Ben Saunders

"Congratulations to @bensaundersufc for receiving his BJJ brown belt from Master Ricardo Liborio this weekend!! Way to go Ben!!"  -American Top Team

"before to be a fighter we are human, congrats to Alan Belcher and his wife for the new baby !"  -Patrick Cote, congrats Alan.

"just watched the guys sparring Alliance is really stepping it up they were beating eachothers asses!! I had s&c this morning no sparring 4me"  -Brandon Vera, plans to break some bones.

"I won by armbar in the 1st round, stood and traded for about the first 4 mins, it was great, got the Sub near the end of rnd 1! ...Here is a short clip of the end of my fight!"  -Miesha Tate

"New cage at the gym thanks Eric from Vangaurd mma: "  -Nate Diaz

"Very honored to receive a purple belt from the world renown Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera! -Mark Munoz


"Interviewing for UFC 110 Countdown Show Noguiera vs Velasquez at the Blackhouse gym!!"  -Mark Munoz


"RT @heidiseibert: Chuck taking break from photo shoot getting adjustment from his chiropractor- stayin healthy!"  -Chuck Liddell, I hope he doesn't end up like that on his next bout.




" - Me and Guy hanging with Fedor Emelianenko in Kansas City"  -Michael Schiavello, points at someone.


" - Master Ishii, the man who started K-1, jumped in for a pic with me and Kogan in Seoul. Couldn't say no to the Ish..."  -Michael Schiavello, points at someone.


" - The killer broadcast team plus Andrew Simon (Hdnet) and my girl Irene @ Dynamite!"   -Michael Schiavello, points at someone.


" - I finally got my picture with Sakuraba in 2009... took a while but worth it!"  -Michael Schiavello, points at someone.


" - Interviewing the great Peter Aerts for K-1's youtube channel, I love this guy"  -Michael Schiavello, points at no one.


" - Listening to my i-pod, zoning myself before commentating D12 in Osaka"  -Michael Schiavello, is resting those tired fingers.


" - The man I miss most in MMA, Genki Sudo"  -Michael Schiavello, andddd he's back at pointing.


" - Hong Mann Choi is a ridiculously enormous Mofo!!"  -Michael Schiavello, points at someone.


" - Me and Joe Rogan in Edmonton, Canada, meeting for the first time"  -Michael Schiavello, points at someone.


"Gots to love the DREAM Ring Card Girls!"  -Michael Schiavello, points at someone (using a different body part).


"Smoking some sheesha pipe at Luxor Bar in Shibuya Tokyo"  -Michael Schiavello, stops pointing to smoke up.


"With Bigfoot and JZ Calvan at Dynamite 2008"  -Michael Schiavello, points at no one.




" Getting ready to start the night at moon with @caziefizzle and the girls... Playboy club: The chocolate bunnies are done for the night;) time for bed!"  -Chandella Powell



"Blasian swirl!:): I love my little Asian princess Noelle!:)"  -Chandella Powell, chocolate bunnies, and now Blasian Swirl?


"Having din din with my fav Brit Ellie. Think I'm going for sea bass tonight. I love having company in la! :) ...Ellie and I are going to dinner..think we are gonna do sushi..any recommendations in la?? :)"  -Arianny Celeste



"Staying warm between takes.."  -Arianny Celeste


""This is some rescue. You came in here and you didn’t have a plan for getting out?" HAHA"  -Arianny Celeste, will have to wear that on the next UFC show.


"A new picture shot by Omar Gomez"  -Brittney Palmer, okay the second pic wasn't actually a tweet, it's her background image.



"We are here @ hardrock hotel for HBO boxing. We are the ring card girls!"  -Brittney Palmer


"its a hard job but someone has got to do it!! p.s my ass is out of control!! ...Wow.. For the record, I meant "out of control" in the most non cocky way possible! -Brittney Palmer, I think it's fine.



"@brittneypalmer I'm loving you ass! Very nice! :)"  -Arianny Celeste, rawr!

"I am a G-O-O-F!!! Uggs, underwear, tank top...oh, let's not forget PHONE! ...I love my new sunglasses...don't hate! APPRECIATE! "  -Rachelle Leah, yes, the third image is also from her twitter page's background.






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